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Understanding people in organisation - Essay Example

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The organizational structure of a workplace needs to address the health and productivity of its workers. Unhealthy or unsafe workplaces can cost organizations billions of money due to absenteeism,…
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Understanding people in organisation
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Download file to see previous pages Workplace structure can be described as the way individuals departments and managers in an organization work with each other to achieve the laid out objectives at the workplace. The work place structure can be informal or highly complex depending on the size of the company. Small businesses usually maintain simple workplace structures (Anderson, 2008). A simple workplace structure allows the leaders in that organization to have most of the control. The employees are usually flexible and usually possess knowledge and skills to perform many different tasks. Medium sized companies usually have a functional workplace structure in place. The functional workplace structure is organized around specific job functions. The structure groups employees together depending on the duties they perform within the organization. The leaders are categorized by departments and each employee performs duties according to the area of expertise.
Health workplace refers to combined efforts of the employers and the employees to support and encourage health lifestyle habits and making healthy choices at workplace. A healthy workplace is one where people are safe, healthy and are happy to come to work. A healthy workplace can be created by developing health-related policies like no-smoking policies. It is also important to develop and encourage activities that promote team work. For instance, coming up with team related extracurricular activities like participating in walks for a good cause can also go a long way in promoting a healthy workplace environment. Another way of developing a healthy workplace environment is by organizing talks by health professionals who can advise employees on some issues affecting their health like alcohol abuse or smoking (Scott, 2007).
A healthy workplace is characterized by the way employees relate with each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Understanding People in Organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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