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Googles Organizational Structure and Culture - Case Study Example

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This work "Google’s Organizational Structure and Culture" describes the organizational design of Google, business strategies of the company. The author takes into account the organizational chart of Google, certain negative aspects of Google, the formal and informal nature of the organization…
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Googles Organizational Structure and Culture
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Extract of sample "Googles Organizational Structure and Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The organization has 20,000 employees and has four hierarchical levels. CEO is in the top-level; followed by CEO, there as Vice President of the company to whom every member of the individual departments of the organization reports. These departments include engineering, product, sales, human resource, and finance, legal, and business strategy. The engineering heads maintain the development of all the products; product managers are involved in the maintenance of products and handling the marketing staff; the sales department handles the entire sales of the different regions which are ultimately looked after by the regional head of the sales department. Human Resource department maintains all the manpower related records in the organization. The finance section involves handling the financial works and maintaining the financial records of the company. The legal department is also involved in different legal procedures of the company and the business strategy department takes the various strategies which may be required by the company in due course of time. The lower level workers of the organization are allotted in teams on the basis of the assigned works or assignments. In certain cases, teams are arranged from each and every functional area based on the markets and products. The organizational culture is flexible and organic and is not much formal. The communication and interaction among the employees are carried out regularly on various issues and good interrelationship is prevalent among them (Griffin & Ebert, 2005).
The organizational design which is mentioned in the chart is suitable for Google as the organizational hierarchy is clearly designed keeping in mind the flat structure of Google. There are various departments in the organization. All the departments of the organization are highlighted by a hierarchical design. Each departmental manager handles and maintains every function of that department. In this chart, a flat hierarchical structure is designed with the CEO in the first level and under him the Vice President, who analyses all the departments such as engineering, production, sales, human resource, finance, and legal and business strategy of the organization. But these departments have top managers to handle the subordinates (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Googles Organizational Structure and Culture Case Study - 1, n.d.)
Googles Organizational Structure and Culture Case Study - 1.
(Googles Organizational Structure and Culture Case Study - 1)
Googles Organizational Structure and Culture Case Study - 1.
“Googles Organizational Structure and Culture Case Study - 1”.
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