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Google human resources practices - Assignment Example

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This paper will focus on organisational culture of Google as well as the manner in which the company in question motivates the employees. In order to gain a proper understanding of the aspects above, the analysis will engage Schein’s model of organisational culture and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…
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Google human resources practices
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Download file to see previous pages The analysis should involve a brief overview of the model that will be used. The latter was developed by Edgar Schein and consists of three elements. The first of them focuses on artefacts of an organisation which is anything visible that has a connection towards the company. Indeed, an artefact is not only the logo, it is also the colour that a company primarily uses in its products, the way employees great customers, even the design of the building. In other words, it is the physical manifestation of the company.The second level included espoused values. It must be noted that the elements of the model differ in the way they are connected to the material world; therefore, the second element which will more abstract. Thus, values also stand for the image of the company, but a mental one. In other words, this level includes goals, mission statement and other elements that were designed to explain the manner in which a company operates. In other words, this level of organizational culture focuses on the long term perspective of business and encourages people to do their best in order to live up to these expectations.The third element that should be analyzed carefully is underlying assumptions. Indeed, one might suggest that the highest level of manifestation of organisational culture should be extremely perfect and not embodied into anything. While artefacts are physical objects and values can be physically written on a piece of paper, the underlying assumptions are those ideas about the organisation that people take for granted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Google Human Resources Practices Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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