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Human Resource - Best Company to Work for - Research Paper Example

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Human resource practices that are adopted by a company play a major role in determining the corporate environment of the company on the perspective of the employees. Employees prefer to work in companies which have favorable human resource practices which address the welfare and…
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Human Resource - Best Company to Work for
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Extract of sample "Human Resource - Best Company to Work for"

Download file to see previous pages Companies which are considered best to work with are those in which their human resource practices are fair, equal to all and that they acknowledge employees as important asset as well as resource to the company (Google company 2012).
Human resource practices is used widely in the measurement in which company an employee can work best with, these practices are useful in addressing various issues affecting employees in the workplace. Companies considered best to work with have best human resource practices and policies that treat employees equally and fairly, these practices are available on demand to respond to specific situations. These human resource practices generally ensure that there is positive working environment which promote good working relationship and improved productivity. Such companies are considered best to work with because it ensures that employees are able to understand their employment terms, benefits and salaries thus there is minimal employer and employee conflicts within the company.
Google Company is among the top companies which are considered to have the best human resource practices thus the best company most of the employees would like to work with. The ranking of Google Company as the best company to work with is based on the adoption of the various human resource practices that addresses to a larger extent the issues concerning the welfare of the employees both in the workplace and outside. The success of Google Company has been greatly linked with these human resource aspects which are the key factors to the increased productivity of its employees (Google company 2012). These aspects of human resource practices which have been adopted by Google Company include the following.
The approach in which Google Company uses in the recruitment process is that the human resource department directly manages and carries out all the recruitment and the selection process of the new employees. In the final stages in ensuring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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