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Key Drivers in the Development of Workplaces - Coursework Example

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There are a number of key drivers that lead to a change at any workplace and eventually leading to a workplace where talents can be exploited and improve the customer service. The present paper "Key Drivers in the Development of Workplaces" will reveal such factors…
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Key Drivers in the Development of Workplaces
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Extract of sample "Key Drivers in the Development of Workplaces"

Download file to see previous pages As confidence becomes the key to a business’ success, there are a number of changes that will surely impact and change its shape and future. According to the information and research, there are a number of key drivers that can be used in order to come out with the real implications for the investments and developments of workplace real estates (WORTHINGTON, 2007). Key drivers that CRE directors should have a look at include, age, health and the cultural environment at the workplaces. A number of leaders in different real estate portfolios have come together in order to find out the solution by the year 2020 in regard to building the future of the workplaces in order to achieve the surging demands it needs. There is proof that shows how infrastructure has improved along with the private capital demand that has made the economy to improve gradually. With the future 2020, investment will be an issue that will impact change in the rapid economic and social sectors that will lead to the transformation of the environment. It is also true that some of the trends to be used are obviously creating a tendency of assuming the natural implications that will effect in the next five years. By 2020, the managers in at workplaces will have a change using the key drivers that will also have perfect new opportunities along with greater risks.
The human principles at any workplace should be fair to all the workers beginning from the top managers to the cleaners at the lower class workers. There should be respect, equality, and dignity in both areas of an organization accompanied with the autonomy that is promoted in order to achieve the goals of the corporations. An inclusive workplace should have the following; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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