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Counseling on short term premarital relationships (why do they succeed or fail) - Research Paper Example

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Assignment Name Abstract Short term premarital relationships are a common affair in today’s day and age, however the term has taken a long time to evolve from the past and make its way into the present in most people’s lives. Being in such a relationship has both its merits as well as its demerits, and a proper insight has been provided regarding the same within this paper…
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Counseling paper on short term premarital relationships (why do they succeed or fail)
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Extract of sample "Counseling on short term premarital relationships (why do they succeed or fail)"

Download file to see previous pages Keywords: short term premarital relationships Short Term Premarital Relationships As long as time has existed so has existed the idea of marriage and matrimony; the harmonious existence of two people living with each other and spending the rest of their lives together. A couple is supposed to signify emotions of trust, loyalty as well as affection and love towards each other. According to ancient traditions all around the world, in various cultures and countries, marriages are very sacred and are considered to be a blessing from heaven. The union of two people along with their families and friends is considered to be a gift from above for the purpose of sharing love and mutual understanding. However, if one looks into the past, one can easily see that love developed among people without being given a chance; love is not an emotion that waits to happen, it just happens between people and then they need to explore it and find out whether or not the two chosen ones are good enough for each other. (Mueller, W) The problem was that in olden times, people were not given the opportunity to try and test out methods and carry out such experiments of short term relationships in order to scrutinize and understand a second person. Such a relationship was looked upon as a taboo. Divorce rates and break ups were not high at the time because of fear of being frowned upon by society. People were under pressure to be with people whom they did not want to spend the rest of their lives with as well. That is why, as more and more people began to look upon this emotion as a burden, thoughts began to become more open and people understood the need for giving time to get to know a person before jumping into an eternal bond with them in the form of marriage. In today’s world nonetheless, the concept of being with someone has changed quite a bit. Falling in love is a very easy aspect of people’s lives because of the kind of openness and broad mindedness that people have learnt to associate themselves with in the modern day and age. Being in a relationship with someone can range from being a long term to a short term process, depending on the understanding that two people are able to create for each other. It also depends on how well a person is able to adjust and absorb himself into the other’s space. Thus, the best way to understand another person is to find out his or her character and comprehend their personality in order to be able to fit into their lives. This can only be done if time is spent trying to understand someone and getting to know their likes and dislikes. For the most part therefore, couples today have begun to seek a premarital relationship which acts as a rehearsal for the main long term relationship. This involves living together as husband and wife but also knowing that in the eyes of law and on paper, they are still not bound to each other by holy matrimony. (Stahmann, R. F) Short term premarital relationships refer to live in relationship between people which last for a short period. Many people who get into such relationships are afraid of an everlasting commitment and thus are in it for a short time period. Being in such a relationship has both its pros as well as its cons, which have been further discussed within the purview of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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