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How to Have a Successful Marriage - Research Paper Example

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The paper concerns that successful marriages come about with hard work on the part of the people who wish to get married. This is manifested through their actions, undertakings, and desires. The need is to understand how premarital relationships must be tied in to achieve long-term marital bliss…
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How to Have a Successful Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages To have a marriage that is based on love and commitment, it is important to categorize areas like pre-marital and marital realms where serious topics related to marriages are explained.
Delving firstly into the premarital relationships, it is important to understand what exactly goes into marriages if these premarital relationships are either successful or completely in disharmony. The need is to comprehend how the individuals within a potential marriage value this bonding and how much they are willing to let go. Analyzing a successful marriage even before it has taken place, one needs to understand where it all begins. How conflict could arise and how violence could come about are some of the most significant areas which need to be discussed in a premarital setting. Often premarital relationships are deemed as the very basis for bringing about successful marriages but this is not always the case. The incidence of conflict and violence must always be analyzed before a couple decides to tie the knot. This is an important consideration which should be paid heed. The premarital relationships are always the foundation stones for settings things right as far as marriages are concerned. It eventually decides whether or not the marriage will eventually come about (Harvey, 1993). If one of the two members in a potential marriage is involved in someway within conflict or violence, there is more possibility that the marriage will not happen. This is because no individual would ever like to live in a marriage where there are issues of a magnanimous nature. Violence has a language of its own and is never appreciated by anyone since it gives disrespect to another individual. Since only two people are there in a marital relationship, if one of the two has a violent streak in their personality, then the marriage will be very difficult to solemnize.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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