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Reading critique of Boundaries in Marriage - Research Paper Example

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Boundaries in marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend Name institution Boundaries in marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend The book “boundaries in marriage” that was written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend has received a critical analysis from a number people…
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Reading critique of Boundaries in Marriage
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Download file to see previous pages The book is criticized to offer nothing but dictatorial information that is not beneficial in the family setting. This creates a scenario where people are caught between a rock and a hard place, which is negativity to the concerned people, especially people in families. Some people do not feel theneed to read the book while some people are inclined to reading the book to get the teachings. As such, the Christian fraternity has been confused about the teachings in the book. In a keen reflection to the book, there are possible outcomes that will be discovered. Theory Critique First, the book “boundaries in marriage”defines the manner in which people define and maintain their individual sense. There is the aspect of personal integrity that is highlighted in this book. Similarly, the author statesthat personal freedom is an aspect that should be respected in marriage. In continued reflection, the author gives explicit information on how people should control their freedom,personal integrity and sense of individuality. This is an advantage to the readers as the book strengthens their reflection on freedom, personal integrity and sense of individuality. This will lead to a peaceful living where the people in the marriage understand each other.Similarly, the author states that people in marriage should learn to cope up with each other in different aspects. This will ensure they are living peacefully and are tolerating each other (Cloud and Townsend, 2000). It is obvious that people have strengthens while they also have their weaknesses. People in relationships have to know each other’sstrengths and learn to improve the strengths to make it better. However, people in relationships should learn each other’s weaknesses and learn how to improve on such weaknesses. Without such coping, it is obvious that the relationship will not be worthwhile. The author states that people should learn howto cope with different needs of their spouses. This is a positive aspect that is achieved by a family when they are vigilant on this particular point. Since this is a relationship that involves two people, therearemany occasions where the two people will have different needs. Some of these needs arebasic and will needurgency. However, some needs are not urgentand could take time before they are acted upon. Apparently the author is explicit in showing numerous ways in which the marriage can achieve these needs without affecting the other party. In deeper reflection,the author openly states thatthere is a need to establish a healthy relationship while in marriage. Thisis a strong point that wasmentioned by the author. A lasting marriage is one that is built on healthy communication. In many instances, a marriage that cherishes communication and communicates effectively is likely to have greater future as compared to a family that does not rely on the effectiveness of communication. Therefore, the author stated a strong point that is necessary in sprouting a relationship in marriage (Cloud and Townsend, 2000). This helps the people that are in the marriage to a greater deal. Without effective communication, it almostimpossible to have a healthy relationship since most of the people in the relationship will feel threatened especially in accordanceto their rightful place in the relationship. Consequentially, a relationship that does not savoureffective communication is not destined to last. The parties in the relationsh ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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