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Infidelity a Byproduct of Marital Relationships - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Infidelity – a Byproduct of Marital Relationships" focuses on the fact that the topic of infidelity is one of the most frequently discussed in psychology, sociology, and sexuality studies. For many societies, infidelity stands out as the inevitable byproduct of marital relationships. …
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Infidelity a Byproduct of Marital Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages Today, however, the evolutionary vision of infidelity looks rather limited and requires additional research: in the postmodern reality, infidelity is no longer a purely extramarital sexual relationship but extends to cover a variety of forms, including emotional infidelity and infidelity in Cyber-space.
Infidelity (also, adultery or extramarital sex) is fairly regarded as the most common form of the affair or marital unfaithfulness in the present day society. Infidelity is usually defined and associated with a sexual contact outside the primary relationship or marriage. In distinction from open marriages, unfaithfulness presupposes contacts and sexual relationships that occur without the permission and, more importantly, the knowledge of the partner. In the study of the national sample in the U.S., Wiederman (1997) found out that 23% per cent of men and 12% of women in relationships or marriage admit having sex with someone else during this relationship/ marriage. In numerical terms, tens of millions of people tend to have extramarital sex while having a permanent partner/ husband (Wiederman, 1997).
Obviously, infidelity is a broad social trend and requires profound practical investigation. More often than not, infidelity is interpreted in terms of evolution: in women, infidelity is believed to have the direct relation to ovulation and the menstrual cycle (Hassleton & Gangestad 2006). From the psychological viewpoint, infidelity is often a reflection of both sexual permissiveness and unhappiness in primary relationship or marriage (Reiss 1980). People engage in extramarital sex, looking for sexual satisfaction, coupled with the permissiveness of sexual relationships and their search for personal happiness outside the primary relationship/ marriage. Infidelity implies the existence of both short-term and long-term extramarital relationships: short-term infidelity may result even from a brief encounter at an office meeting, whereas long-term infidelity exemplifies individual search for long-term satisfaction and happiness, which may be absent in marriage.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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