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Infidelity: staying in a relationship after infidelity - Essay Example

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President Bill Clinton. (Posner) Hillary Clinton, Bill’s wife, decided to continue standing by her husband throughout the scandal and the aftermath. Numerous indiscretions, one of which was with…
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Infidelity: staying in a relationship after infidelity
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Extract of sample "Infidelity: staying in a relationship after infidelity"

Download file to see previous pages Of course, these women were in the public eye and staying with husbands who were cheating on them might have been done to keep an image. It could also be that they just truly loved their spouses and were willing to forgive the indiscretions.
There is, however, another picture infidelity paints. That of Maria Shriver moving out the home she had shared with California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger after her husband’s affair went public. (Barabak) Elin Nordegren, ex-wife to Tiger Woods, also left her husband of six years after Woods admitted to infidelity. These two women and many others are also public figures. However, unlike Onassis and Clinton, these women ended their marriages and moved on. Perhaps unlike the other two, they did not love their husbands as much and were unwilling to forgive.
Infidelity or, as it is commonly known, sexually cheating on one’s partner, has been a part of society from a long time ago. Even the Bible makes reference to the existence of infidelity in ancient times with the 7th commandment which states: “Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Maxey)” Muslim men are allowed to have more than one wife and have children with each woman. Even in Medieval Times, there were references to married men being promiscuous. (Heckel)
The reasons for marital infidelity are as varied as the people who succumb to it. This can range from loneliness, need for attention and sexual dissatisfaction to psychological problems. In Russia, it has become so entrenched in their way of life that some social groups do not accept men if they do not have other women. (Loffe) The initial reaction of the victim, of course, would be that of humiliation and anger. Some of them deal with the anger by getting a divorce or, where divorce is not allowed, living separately from their partners. The others decide to hang on to their spouses and work it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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