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Core concepts are the ideals upon which any practice is based.For most professions, core concepts are distinct to each, with practices like biology, sociology and psychology having their own concepts specifically applicable to their practice…
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A core concept across nursing theories
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Download file to see previous pages Core concepts are the ideals upon which any practice is based.For most professions, core concepts are distinct to each, with practices like biology, sociology and psychology having their own concepts specifically applicable to their practice. These concepts are broadly defined in their metaparadigm, and such metaparadigms comprise of several major concepts.Such metaparadigms are considered to be the boundaries or limits of any practice. This is not much different in the nursing practice. The core concepts or metaparadigm of nursing, according to Fawcett (1984, as cited by Daniels and Daniels, 2004) include: person, environment, health, and nursing. These concepts help define and shape the nursing practice. While theorists have come up with different models for the practice in each area of nursing care, there are common concepts or threads to all these areas of nursing practice. Regardless of the area of nursing involved, the nurse will still be concerned with the following concepts: person, the environment, health, and nursing. In recent times, the concept of care has been included as an essential concept of nursing because it is crucial to the delivery of efficient nursing care (Daniels and Daniels, 2004). With these above considerations, this paper shall now identify a core concept which cuts across nursing theories. It shall compare and analyze the concept definitions based on the selected contemporary theories while considering the practical applications of these core concepts. Discussion A core concept which is common to two contemporary theories is the concept of nursing. This concept applies to the theories laid out by Dorothea Orem and Virginia Henderson. In her theory, Orem acknowledged the four concepts which comprise the nursing metaparadigm. She further defined human beings as “an integrated whole composed of an internal physical, psychologic, and social nature with varying degrees of self care ability (Chinn and Kramer, 2004). She also emphasizes that human beings are also self-care agents with different interdependent parts, which, when functionally sound, leads to contentment, pleasure, and happiness. When considering the concept of nursing, Orem sets forth that it is an art by which the nurse can deliver specialized care to individuals with disabilities requiring special assistance in compliance with daily needs for self-care (McLaughlin-Renpenning, 2002). In effect, nursing considers actions which are specifically chosen and delivered by nurses to guide individuals under their care in the sustenance and management of conditions in themselves or their general environment (Orem, 1985). In other words, the nursing conceptualization under Orem’s theory is founded on self-care and management; such care and management which is supported by a holistic nursing of the person’s needs and disabilities. Nursing under Orem is also based on nursing agency and nursing systems theory. These are elements which make up the nursing practice under the metaparadigm concept of ‘nursing.’ According to Orem, nursing agency is the human power and action qualities related to nursing practice. Its exercise includes the establishment of the legitimacy of a relationship; initial operationalization of interpersonal systems; and diagnosis related to patient variables (Bridge, Cabell, and Herring, n.d). The nursing systems theory emphasizes that nursing systems are seen when the nurses adopt and deliver care which manages a patient’s individual and self-care capabilities – and such care then applies to therapeutic self-care requirements (Kozier, Erb, and Blais, 1997). Orem also emphasizes the fact that humans need constant inputs in order to remain alive; that human agency is practiced through care of self and others; that mature humans experience hardships through the restrictions in their self-care; and that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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