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Virginia Henderson Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Virginia Henderson Introduction Nursing philosophy is a significant field in nursing, it deals with one’s thoughts about the beliefs about the nature of nursing profession, and it offers a basis for nursing activities…
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Virigina Henderson
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Download file to see previous pages To facilitate patient care, the paper employs Virginia Henderson’s nursing theory as a profession. The theory of Henderson is significant in nursing profession and it states that nursing is rooted from the needs of human beings (Sitzman and Eichelberger, 2010). This theory is relevant to the personal philosophy of nursing practices because it deals with the role of nursing practice of helping patients to restore or improve their health. The purpose of the research project is to draw one’s attention into the subject of nursing philosophy thoughtfully in order to create awareness of the significance of nursing education. Personal Philosophy The personal philosophy of nursing is to promote the well-being of patients and facilitating patient care; thus improving the quality of life of human beings. The professional values and characteristics that are reflected in the personal philosophy are personal values which should play significant roles in the professionalization of nursing with an aim of improving the quality of patients. Therefore, one of the qualities reflected in the personal philosophy is nursing philosophy of superior leadership, which guides one’s actions, behaviors and thoughts; thus, these philosophies are influenced by internal and external forces. One can change who he or she is by simply changing his or her philosophy of leadership with an aim of delivering the best quality of services within the nursing spectrum. The major meta-paradigm concept of nursing as it is incorporated in the personal philosophy involves person, environment, health and nursing practices. First, the concept of the personal philosophy describes a person as an individual and a community who receives health care; thus, their needs should be met. Secondly, it takes into considerations the surrounding environment and this is where the concept emphasizes the need to keep the environment clean and safe in order to improve the health status of human beings. Thirdly, the concept also focuses the health issues and this is where it emphasizes on the need for maintaining a healthy living through educating the public on the importance of living a healthy life. Lastly, the concept focuses on nursing practices of facilitating a patient care and improving the well-being of patients through proper treatment; thus improving the quality of human beings. Nursing Theorist Nursing care takes varied forms and sometimes it is the function of the nurse to offer proper medication in order to enable the patient to feel physically well. It is also the ability to improve or maintain the health of an individual or perform varied activities that contributes to the health of an individual. For many decades, nurses have made significant efforts of defining nursing; thus from these efforts, varied nursing theories have been developed. One of the nursing theorists is that one which was developed by Virginia Henderson who was also named as Florence Nightingale, the first nursing theorists to note that nursing knowledge is separate and distinctive from therapeutic knowledge (George, 2011). Virginia Henderson’s Nursing theory focused on offering fresh air, proper nutrition, light, maintaining cleanliness in the surrounding environment. In this theory, the domain of nursing describes the subject of nursing profession, concepts, its values and beliefs, as well as, offers the means through which the nurses can promote the health of clients across the spectrum. The maj ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Virigina Henderson Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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