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Human Resource Internal Branding Project Virgin Group - Essay Example

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It is basically a British Multi-National Company with Branded Capital Venture Conglomerate (Dearlove 2008). The Company focuses on provision of transport services, entertainment services as well as lifestyle. Moreover, is focuses on…
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Human Resource Internal Branding Project Virgin Group
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Download file to see previous pages By 2008, the company was evaluated to have a net worth of approximately 5 billion British Pounds (Gifford 2013).
The first essence of internal branding within the company emerges from the name “Virgin”. The Company was branded the name when Richard Branson and other stakeholders invested in their first shop that focused on provision of record services (McLimore 2013). This name was created due to the fact that Richard Branson and other partners considered themselves virgins in the record shop business. That is they felt they were new to such kind of a business hence decided to use the name Virgin.
In addition, the other essence of branding is associated with the Company’s Logo, “V”. Currently, the Logo used was an original sketch that was created on a napkin paper by the then famous graphic designer Key Trevor. Branson believed that the Logo V is a perfect representation and of the company and gives the company an upper hand in regard to its competitive advantage in the current competitive market environment. The Logo is also seem as a seal of approval and quality mark as well as an expressive tick.
One of the problems associated with branding that may affect employees is lack of awareness of the company’s brand name or even logo (Ind 2007). The corpus of brand awareness among employees entails a scenario where employees are capable of recognizing and applying the company’s brand to market and undertake duties assigned to them by the company. Moreover, it involves a scenario where employees are able to indentify that the company’s brand is a unifying factor among themselves and that it is a symbol that indicates commonness towards achieving the same goals and objectives. Inappropriate recognition and application of the company’s brand may be the major challenge facing internal branding within employees of the Virgin Company. Inappropriate branding awareness is a challenge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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