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Matrix of Theoretical Models - Coursework Example

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University of Phoenix Material Appendix A: Matrix of Theoretical Models Theoretical Model Description of Theoretical Model Type of health care change situation where model best applies 1. Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Theory. According to the self care theory propounded by Dorothea Orem, nursing is a form of action in which nurses get interacted with a number of people who are somehow affected with some kind of ailments…
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Matrix of Theoretical Models
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Extract of sample "Matrix of Theoretical Models"

Download file to see previous pages Nursing meets self care through a number of ways including action, direction, teaching and providing an environment to meet their future health care demands. In this theory Orem describes the responsibilities of nurses, role of nurses and patients, and the types of actions required to meet the demands of patients. Each time when the nurses provide care to the patients, there activities are evaluated to see whether the desired goals are met (source: Dorothea Orem's Self-Care theory, 2012). In the case of a patient who is suffering from malnutrition due to inadequate iron supplementation, the patient himself can get out the danger situation if he pays sufficient attention to the diet in order to maintain his natural health. Here what the nurses can do is to direct and teach him about what he has supposed to do for maintaining a balanced diet. Moreover, the nurses can list out the food items that carry rich iron content. The nurses and patients can then plan the objectives. The nurses can make the patients aware of the required changes in their actions and behavior. If the patients understand the need of maintaining an optimum nutrition, the nurses win their attempt. Here the outcome of such a treatment is that the patient while emerging from the ailment becomes aware of the necessity of self care. The main feature of this theory is that it pays equal emphasis to patients and nurses (Source: Application of Orem's Self-Care Deficit theory, 2011). 2.  Virginia Henderson's Need Theory This theory is based on the basic assumption that the nurses are required to take care of the patients until they again become capable of caring themselves. The care would help him to progress after getting discharged from the hospital. Through this definition she was well differentiating nursing from medicine. Another noticeable assumption is that nurses devote to the patients day and night until they get back to the normal life. Nurses while carrying out their jobs help the patients to care themselves as well. The third and final assumption is that nurses have to be educated at college levels with a specific focus on sciences and arts. The most aspects of this theory were adopted from Abraham Maslow’s need hierarchy theory. The components in this theory, especially the first nine ones are physiological in nature. The tenth and the fourteenth aspects are psychological. However, according to this theory a nurse is one who helps the patient to be independent from the bed and the terrific troubles of illness. The need theory of Virginia Henderson can be best applied in each and every area of the nursing field as it is a comprehensive nursing theory, which embraces fourteen basic human needs. This theory can be applicable to different phases ranging from a patient’s hospitalization to his discharge. Since this theory gives first priority to the patient’s independence, it requires nurses to make a patient’s recovery as fast as possible so that he can leave the hospital without much delay. As per this theory, an individual will not be perfectly healthy unless he is able to meet all the fourteen basic needs (cited in Heath, 1995, p.7). Therefore, a person with an illness cannot meet all these needs. As a result, this theory can be best appli ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Matrix of Theoretical Models Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Matrix of Theoretical Models Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Matrix of Theoretical Models Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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