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Familial support is a vital component of successful recovery with patients in intensive care units. Family members are often expected to take up responsibility for many of the patient's long-term needs after discharge from hospital. As this process is often both difficult and demanding, it is necessary to create institutional programs that help relatives cope with their novel situation…
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Theory of Coping
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"Theory of Coping"

Download file to see previous pages These models include the Resiliency Model of Family Stress, Adjustment and Adaptation, the Developmental Health Model, the Framework of Systemic Organization, the Roy Adaptation Model, and the Neuman Systems Model. While these have been successful in aiding family members through the coping process, they do not focus specifically or solely on the coping processes utilized by patients in intensive care and their relatives.
An evidence-based theoretical model is a necessary continuation of nursing research. A further understanding of the coping methods that relatives utilize during the acute stages of the patient's illness may allow health care professionals to predict and prevent difficulties during the recovery period. Johansson et al. (2006) posited that this theoretical coping model must contain both the ICU-stay and home recovery in order to facilitate the distinction of possible maladaptive coping methods and to assist in the choice of effective nursing interventions. To follow is a discussion and analysis of the theory formulated by Johansson et al. (2006) as well as a discussion regarding the relevancy and application of this theory.
In their 2006 study, Johansson et al. ...
ought to develop a theoretical model of the coping methods of family members during the patient's ICU stay and the following recovery process by performing an analysis of concepts that were elicited from two empirically based, theoretical studies. The researchers defined a relative as a close acquaintance or friend. The theoretical model of the relative's coping methods was inductively derived during the time between 2004-2005 and was based on theories that were produced from the aforementioned empirical studies. A university ethics committee then approved these studies (Johansson et al., 2006). The researchers defined inclusion criterion as adult relatives of adult patients that had been on mechanical ventilation in an ICU (Johansson et al., 2006). In order to refine and combine multiple coping concepts from both the ICU-stay and the recovery period in a unified theoretical coping model, the researchers used simultaneous concept analysis that was in accordance with previous studies.
Johansson et al. (2006) utilized the simultaneous concept analysis in order to explain all concepts simultaneously providing definitions that were mutually exclusive of one another while focusing on dynamics of their interrelationships and overall characteristics. The researchers utilized several procedures in order to achieve their goals. First, they developed a consensus group that included individuals that could contribute a particular proficiency and were willing to compromise and aid in the creation of a theoretical coping model (Johansson et al., 2006). The researchers then developed the concept clarification strategy that involved choosing which particular concept clarification method should be utilized regarding the concepts of coping that were selected from the two ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theory of Coping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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