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Caring for the Dying Patient and Their Family Members - Essay Example

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Traditionally, the roles of a nurse are considered to be one that resembles Florence Nightingale's nurturing people back to good health. Administering medications and injections, keeping medical records, and vigilantly caring for bedridden patients are certainly roles of a nurse; however, nurses do much more as they tend to the needs of family members who suffer along with the patient…
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Caring for the Dying Patient and Their Family Members
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Download file to see previous pages Healing begins at this intersection where clinical problems/issues (dilemmas) emerge and suffering can best be understood. It is the accepting of others' different perspectives and beliefs that helps strengthens and creates resilience in the crisis time of suffering.
The experience of suffering from an illness can be alleviated by those who play a role in the lives of the one suffering. These individuals are the ones whom the patient is connected with. We often consider the ones who are connected to the person with the illness as close family members and friends. Doctors and nurses, particularly family nurses can play a big role in alleviating the patient's suffering. The reason they play a big role is because the person with the illness, or the patient, has close ties to the nurse (medical practitioner) as he or she depends on the nurse for
medical care on a regular basis. Some patients and family members (this includes friends) may not realize it but the nurse also provides more than medical care such as emotional and mental encouragement, strength, hope, and so on. Or the nurse can offer the opposite and place more fear and discouragement upon the patient and family members.
There is much stress when dealing with one who is suf...
Not only is there stress for the patient and family members but stress for the medical staff. All humans need the support of others. When hit by a major life-changing event, humans usually have the need to share this experience with someone who they feel close to-a friend, work associate, and/or a spouse. Many studies have shown that the impact of a major life event can be changed, or modified, by a support network. (Rock, 1992
The responsibilities of nurse and medical practitioners extend further than they used to. It no longer is an age where the nurse just helps solve medical problems and cares for the physical ailment. They are an extension of the family and a link/connection to the family's ability to handle and overcome the experiences of suffering.
The nurse and family interact with each other and converse with each other in this trying time and it is the knowledge, understanding, and relieving of the suffering from this type of interaction that gives the family strength and resilience during a time of family crisis. The way a nurse thinks, the languages he or she uses, the questions he or she asks, and the values that are placed on relationships can create family strengths and resiliency in the midst of suffering. "Illness is a family
Caring for Patient 4
affair" and the medical staff members are part of the family. (Bell, J., 1992, pp. 244-246.)
Resiliency is the "ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy," as defined by resiliency. (n.d.). Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after a down time especially a time of crisis. Suffering from an illness is definitely a time of crisis for the family. Families know quite well the experience ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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