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Heritage Assessment in Health Promotion - Essay Example

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People needing medical attention become more anxious when they speak a different language from those who provide them health care. The situation may feel worse when they are not familiar with, nor understand, the medical practice in clinics or hospitals. …
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Heritage Assessment in Health Promotion
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Download file to see previous pages Upon interviewing three families from different cultural backgrounds, it became obvious that the differences in health practices are sometimes rooted in religious beliefs, which is of course, a large part of the culture. An effective health care provider has to understand that some people from certain cultural backgrounds may be more sensitive regarding their health practices and beliefs, particularly if it has a religious basis. For example, an Orthodox Jewish woman recounted her story when she gave birth to her first child. She went through long and severe labor pains that were eased only by consistent back rubs. Her husband could not touch her because according to Orthodox Jewish beliefs, women undergoing labor are “unclean”. Her husband and the attending nurse at that time had a minor argument regarding who should continue her back rubs, with the nurse believing that the husband could help since the nurse had other patients to attend to. She also mentioned that women should only do the caring for the sick. Consequently, it is not acceptable for men to attend to women who had just given birth. Food intake is also different, as Jewish people has a specific standard for acceptable foods, making sure that everything is “Kosher” (a symbol ensuring that food is prepared in line with the Orthodox Jewish regulations).
(Galanti, 2008, p.82). Another example is stated by a traditional Muslim female from Abu Dhabi. This woman mentioned that they are particular in their food intake, just like the Jews, ensuring that everything is “Halal” (a symbol ensuring that food is prepared according to Muslim law) (Galanti, 2008, p.87). This could pose a concern, for example, in determining a patient’s diet, as the medical practitioner should guarantee that the diet plan coincides with the patient’s beliefs and lifestyle. Health conditions are also referred to gender-specific doctors (male doctors for male patients and female doctors for female patients), and health care is only acceptable from same-gender caregivers. According to the interviewee, even in emergencies, some traditional Muslims could demand medical attention to be provided only under acceptable Islamic conditions. Another good example is provided by a Chinese exchange student who grew up in Mainland China. She mentioned that her family is very traditional when it comes to health care. HERITAGE ASSESSMENT 4 She ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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