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Hertage Assesment - Essay Example

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Heritage Assessment
Cultural beliefs form the manner in which individuals seek assistance, describe health problems, and eventually stick to therapeutic regimens. …
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Hertage Assesment
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Download file to see previous pages There is frequently a conflict concerning patients’ practices and those understood to be suitable by the health care providing society because attitudes vary amongst ethnic groups. It is imperative that the healthcare provide knows: Possess the information of cultural ingestion patterns and family traditions such as core foods, fasting and traditional celebrations. Be able to know limits of own abilities and cultural competencies How own cultural background and experiences and attitudes, biases, values influence nutrition therapy. Have shifted from a position of cultural awareness to a position of being sensitive and aware in relation to cultural heritage. The aspect of respecting and valuing respecting differences is also inclusive. Understand food selection, preparation, and storage with a cultural context. Familiarize him/her with relevant research and latest findings concerning food practices and nutrition-related health troubles of a variety of and racial groups. Heritage Assessment Tool Cultural heritage plays a big part in the economic, health and social promotion of the person. The use of heritage evaluation tools helps healthcare providers assess and look at someone’s tradition, as well as customary health methods used to keep health, protect health, and re-establish health; by putting in use these ideas, it helps healthcare professionals cope with a person’s mental, spiritual beliefs and physical. Different cultures have special values and beliefs of health, disease, birth, illness, and; assessing these cultural competencies is vital in order to offer a holistic approach. Heritage assessment tools helps both the health provider and patient by opening a passageway for an efficient communication of one’s values, beliefs, in regards to, illness, health, spiritual values as well as family support. Why there is a need for Cultural and Heritage Assessment The United States is home for diverse culture. Culture is defined as “the learned, shared, and transmitted values, lifestyle, beliefs, norms, and practices of a particular group that guide, decisions, opinion and actions in patterned way”. Heritage assessment is a great tool to know about one’s own beliefs and health traditions. Nurses have to understand their own cultural practices in order to relate to others. There is high-quality proof that health professionals do not, by design, boast the skills and attitudes essential to be successful in culturally varied healthcare environments. This study therefore examines the connection by investigating how cutting edge staff and patients in great urban hospitals identify issues of healthcare workforce and patient diversity. As a community practitioner, one should be aware that specific conditions develop at critical times in family development and it is their understanding of the culture influencing the community that will solve these problems in a fast and efficient manner. Among the important challenges nutritionists and dietitians come across at present and in the near future are the increased emphasis on client/patient behavioral changes in relation to evidence of effectiveness: and the more and more diverse population of this country. Sensitivity to cultural differences in us and in those of different cultural backgrounds is a significant feature of competence in the attainment of a diverse population. Nutrition counselors are at the moment and will be tested on their capability to create desirable behavioral changes in patients/clients. Language barriers also contribute to the complexity of the cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hertage Assesment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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