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Marketing to Local and Regional Markets: Tourism Organisations - Research Paper Example

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The paper deals with the marketing of tourism in the regional and local markets. The paper emphasizes the changing role of marketers amidst globalization and the essence of regional and local marketing. It also has discussed the important aspect of market segmentation. …
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Marketing to Local and Regional Markets: Tourism Organisations
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Extract of sample "Marketing to Local and Regional Markets: Tourism Organisations"

Download file to see previous pages The report has dedicated sections for the purpose which discusses a product, price, place, and promotion for tourism marketing in these changing times. A concluding section marks the end of this research report.

In the present world of today, the only thing that is presumed to be constant is the word ‘change’. Thanks to the massive developments in the field of technology and communication processes along with that of the ever-increasing effects of globalization, the world has really been within the few clicks of the mouse. With such developments, the terms and the tricks of almost all the businesses are fast-changing and the industry of tourism is no exception.

The changing scenario has made the world really small and integrated. There is little doubt that the industry of tourism has been one of the greatest beneficiaries because of the effects of globalization. Globalization has made it easy to have access to international clients through the free flow of information, massive advertisements, online booking and reduced cost of transportation like airfare. Though, globalization has definitely provided greater exposures for the tourism organizations in lieu of international clients buy yet the role of the local market can never be undermined. Since long, the tourism organizations have been targeting the local and the regional markets to get increased tourists and for the purpose, they have been initiating a number of measures in terms of marketing.

Tourism is one of the most booming industries of the present day. Higher the purchasing power among the people, the more they choose to travel and view the wonders of the world. Another factor that has contributed towards the industry is the increasing level of stress (both professional as well as personal) among the citizens. The increased competition has made the jobs as well as businesses very stressing and so holidaying has come up with one of the most viable options for the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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