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Assignment 6 - Essay Example

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Destination Management Companies generally termed as DMCs or DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) play a vital part in marketing and proper management of tourist meetings and visits that result in meeting and sometimes exceeding visitors expectations. It is very…
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Assignment 6
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of the Destination Management Companies Introduction Destination Management Companies generally termed as DMCs or DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) play a vital part in marketing and proper management of tourist meetings and visits that result in meeting and sometimes exceeding visitors expectations. It is very important for a DMC to consider the true conception and representations of destination management and apply them in appropriate ways for effectiveness of its destination business.
The idea of the role of the DMCs has extended from the typical fully tourist based marketing actions to the other fields like events management, convocations and seminars organization and formal meeting conducts. Most of the explanations associated with destination management define it as the progression that comprises of resolutions taken on diverse stages which creates a new chapter of commercialization of the tourism Industry.
All a DMC demands are to control and manage the flow and orders in collaboration with local businesses and services providers (Downing, 84; Presenza, 33). The main objective behind the establishment of every DMC is to focus on fulfilling tourists’ expectations. This paper presents the concept and operations of DMC along with an introduction of three DMCs located in the Bay Area along with the summary of their functions and operations. The intention of this paper is to stress the importance of the destination management in the contemporary tourism and to emphasize the added value creation process.
Destination management Companies (DMC) major role is to manage and market the destinations and provide tourism services with excellence. Destination management Companies can be national, regional or local, based on the area they cover in providing services. These companies require to be centered on consensus-based approaches amongst the stakeholders and provide sufficient suppleness to adaptability for the management of organization of destinations. DMC are the companies that market the destinations to get maximum business, delivers outstanding services to their clients whether they are businessmen or tourists and confirms favorable settings for expansion and growth of tourism and their business.
In order to understand how a DMC operates, three different DMCs located in the Bay area have been identified. The First Incentive Travel is a Destination Management Company in based in New York, offers to assist with formal meeting requirements, keeping the emphasis on the company and its clients with exceptional services. Its collaboration with other DMCs throughout the country enables it to offer events at famous tourism destinations with dedicated and high-level of services.
The next DMC is a Paris-based a Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation organize meetings and business events for a lot of economic gigantic companies and organizations. From time to time, MPI Foundation also organizes exhibit at various trade shows. They also offers management of tourism and hotel companies, organization and management of meetings, special shows organizing and management events, sightseeing packages etc. One more DMC is located in Access Destination Services, which is well unified into the largely offer of the country. They excel in holding formal and informal meetings, conferences, special events or incentive travel programs.
In conclusion, we can say that Destination Management has become a very profitable business and requires a very high level of dedication and efforts to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. The company, I found best among the above mentioned three DMCs is The First Incentive Travel is a Destination Management Company, which is a national DMC and provides all services with brilliance. The collaboration with other DMCs provides an extra benefit to the company to offer their clients a large verity of destinations for their formal and casual events.
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Assignment 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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