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Marketing Strategy of Atlas Travel Club - Coursework Example

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This study investigates the marketing strategies of companies that focus on emerging markets. The purpose was to better understand the various processes of creating, implementing, and maintaining a marketing strategy that would allow a company to market in a non-traditional manner in order to achieve its goals…
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Marketing Strategy of Atlas Travel Club
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Extract of sample "Marketing Strategy of Atlas Travel Club"

Download file to see previous pages The Atlas Travel Club, an incoming tour operator based in London, will be used as a case study in order to meet the objectives of the study: to determine markets, to discover the rational for choosing a marketing strategy, what factors influence marketing strategies, and how to determine the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This study also seeks to prove the hypothesis that "By getting to know the culture, norms, values, and business practices of the emerging market, a company can develop a unique marketing strategy which will help it achieve its goals." Findings indicated that the marketing strategy of Atlas Travel Club is extremely successful. A concluding recommendation was that more time be given for the interviews in order to gather more answers. Respondents should include customers and potential customers. Questionnaires should also be used as they are a good way to avoid "interview effects" whereby an interviewer influences or affects the participant's responses by their presence or method of questioning; something particularly problematic when interviewing members of a corporation who do not want to say anything negative in regards to the company for various reasons.
In contrast self-completion questionnaires can be filled out independently of the researcher. It is important that both interviews and questionnaires be employed because disadvantages of using a questionnaire include the lack of an interviewer means interesting responses cannot be followed up and the respondent cannot add their own remarks. Similarly it may not be possible to correctly judge the participant's potential response, and therefore categories may not be exhaustive.

It is also recommended that interviews and questionnaires present more questions regarding complaints and negative feedback. It is typical that these questions are limited in order not to get negative answers. Feedback, whether positive or negative, is good as it can be used to determine what needs to remain status quo, what needs to be changed, and how changes can be made.

Marketing Strategy 3


Marketing Strategy 4

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction.4
1.1 Aims and introduction.7
1.2 Objectives

2.0 Literature Review ..9
2.1 Marketing...12
2.2 Service Marketing..13
2.3 Market Strategies...14
2.4 Computer Mediated Communication.17
2.5 Tourism..20
2.6 Market Segmentation.....21
2.7 Tourist Marketing Strategies..22
2.8 Designing Marketing Strategies.23
2.8.1 Globalization 29
2.8.2 Emerging Markets.30
2.9 Emerging Markets for Atlas Travel Club...30

3.0 Methods
3.1 Primary and Secondary Research
3.2 Secondary Research.
3.3 Primary Research.
3.3.1 Approaches to the research

3.2 Interviews

4.0 Analysis and Discussion of Findings
4.1 Interviews
4.2 Analysis and Discussion of Findings.

5.0 Conclusion
5.1 Meeting the Original Aims and Objectives
5.2 Problems Encountered
5.3 Recommendations
5.5 Marketing Strategy
5.6 Evaluation
5.7 Future ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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