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I have read the book and seen the movie and I think I can positively say that I enjoyed the movie far better. I have actually heard that the author enjoyed the ending to the…
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Fight Club
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Suggestions in blue Khalid Qutaym Dr Pounds ENG 101 06/19 Fight Club Fight Club is a very well thought out movie and is based on a book of the same name by Chuck Palahnuik. I have read the book and seen the movie and I think I can positively say that I enjoyed the movie far better. I have actually heard that the author enjoyed the ending to the movie far more than the ending of his story. I think many viewers who have read the book and seen the movie would say the same thing. Based on the struggling daily life office worker who is desperate to change his life one way or the other by earning some money but ends up meeting someone, founding an underground fight club and actually changing his life and life’s goals.
The characters are, the daily life office worker Tyler Durden Played by Brad Pitt and the Narrator played by Edward Norton. He travels for work all over the country and on one of these trips he meets Pitt’s character Tyler Durden. The difference between these two characters is very drastic. Norton’s character is very materialistic and very careful in everything he does. Going through the motions and not really connecting with anyone or anything. He suffers from insomnia and he can’t get sleeping pills from his doctor. He starts visiting support groups for people with different terminal illnesses and support groups for people surviving things like cancer. For some time it seems that the emotional release he achieves at these meetings where he pretends to be a different person at each one is helping, but then he meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter). Marla, very much like Tyler attends different support group’s meeting feigning different problems. The characters in the movie very much display the lives of of a common man, the problems they face in their life, the social, psychological issues faced by them and the financial problems they have. These issues make them so vulnerable and desperate that they are out to do anything just to get rid of these and improve their life.
Norton’s character continues on business trips and one night when he comes back from one of these trips he finds that his apartment was destroyed in an explosion. This event leads to our Narrator calling up Tyler Durden. He meets up with Durden at a bar and he asks Tyler if he can stay with him. Tyler agrees on one condition. He asks the Narrator to hit him as hard as he can. The two get into a fight outside the bar and that is where the first inklings of the fight club are born. The Narrator moves into Durden’s house which is a dilapidated house in an old business district.
Setting, the two moved in now, start a fight club and during that time. At the same time Tyler ends up saving Marla from an over dose and getting in a sort of complicated relationship with her but forbids Narrator to talk to her. All across the country more fight clubs begin popping up all started by Tyler. The Narrator can’t figure out when Tyler has time to start all of these clubs, but he doesn’t put a lot of thought into it until later in the film. The two start Project Mayhem as an extension of the fight clubs. The Narrator seems to be less involved in this project than Tyler does, and when he questions Tyler’s motives Tyler disappears. The Narrator goes to find Tyler and finds that he must travel from city to city to find him.
The narrator goes out to find Tyler but end up with nothing. He goes to all the places, all the fightclubs they built but with no success. Then one day he meets someone calling him Mr. Durden and growing more suspicious of Tyler’s disappearance, he calls Marla but he calls him crazy. Later in the movie he realizes near the end that Tyler infact is him i.e. he is suffering from split personality and ends up destroying all those buildings and shooting the hypothetical Tyler. The movie somehow shows the two sides of our society very beautifully. It shows us the two sides of our working class society, one that they show to the outside world and the other hidden deep beneath their white collars. Tyler and the Narrator are two sides of every man who is working hard for a better life and when he does not get it, he would go rogue.
The twists in this movie are all very confusing until it is all discovered in the end. The movie keeps the viewers guessing till the very end. This is a movie that viewers can miss quite a lot the first time it is viewed. It is interesting how much the viewer can learn from a second viewing of the movie once you know the truth. There are so many things that allude to the fact that the Narrator and Tyler are the same person starting even with their first meeting. The little things through the film that aren’t really noticeable the first time are actually very subtle, but upon a second viewing the viewer can pick on them quite quickly.
The one I like the best is the interaction between the Narrator, Tyler, and Marla. The three of them are never in the room at the same time. If Marla and the Narrator are together Tyler isn’t, the minute Marla leaves the room Tyler shows up. It is really an interesting dance that is subtle the first time, but quite noticeable the second viewing. It is interesting to see all of the things that Durden is able to achieve while our Narrator is supposed to be sleeping. The split personality disorder that our Narrator suffers from is interesting and it is really hidden well in the movie. I read the book well before I ever saw the movie, and while I knew the twist of the story I was still very happy with how the movie portrayed the two characters. It was something that I was skeptical in seeing after reading the book because I thought that it would be very difficult to establish the two characters separately. The movie was excellent at making sure the twist ending was hidden from viewers until the very end.
One of the best things in the movie is while the Narrator and Durden are the same person they seem to be glaringly different people. Our Narrator is materialistic; he sees his life in Ikea catalogs a spends his time perfecting his living space right down to the yin yang coffee table that goes sailing out his living room window in the explosion. Tyler on the other hand is against the drive for material things in this world. He goes against the status quo. He lives in a rundown house that he is squatting in. He works multiple menial jobs and at every one he seems to find ways to rebel. It makes sense that Tyler is so different because the personality has split into the two extremes of himself.
This movie is a good film, but it wasn’t really accepted as the classic it was when it first came out. It is nice that it has gained a cult film status over the years. It is bloody, violent, and can be considered more of a guy movie, but I think any viewer can get into this kind of movie. The twist ending of this movie makes it totally worth the viewing. Read More
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