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Business Plan of Game Heaven UK - Term Paper Example

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The paper 'Business Plan of Game Heaven UK' concerns the business plan seeks to begin a start-up e-sports bar known as Game Heaven UK. The e-sport’s bar clients will be able to play video games at the sports bar, as well as have a place to communicate comfortably…
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Business Plan of Game Heaven UK
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Download file to see previous pages The paper gives detailed information about the gaming room which will have approximately fifty computers for the gamers, as well as play stations while they can also have refreshments, although high alcoholic drinks will not be served at the counter. This is because the equipment at the bar is sensitive and drunken gamers could destroy them. In addition, the bar will also provide game discs, consoles, and information at reasonable prices, which, together with the excellent service that will be provided, will be the core point for the bar. The staff at the bar will be expected to be gaming enthusiasts, and they will be trained by professional players in order to offer better service. Game heaven expects to have its own website for promotional activities where clients can interact and set up games. Industry Analysis The idea for starting Game Heaven came from the fact that more and more individuals who want to play the battle arena video games. However, despite the increasing interest in this game, there are no battle arena video game and sports bars, around the Birmingham area. Game Heaven is going to have to serve several sectors of the market. In the sports and gaming bar industry, it is important to have a family atmosphere where the gamers feel part of an exclusive group (Rail, 2011: p300). In addition, it will serve several uses, such as watching big games, gaming tournaments, and personal gaming time. The bar also plans to begin offering light food, although the dining areas will be separated from the “family” by a wall. However, wherever one sits, there will be a big-screen TV showing games, whether cricket, football, or rugby, especially since the plan involves having multiple screens in these areas. The business will face regulatory issues, especially with regards to employee wages, liquor licenses for the big matches, local ordinances, building permits, and others that could be of effect to the business (Rail, 2011: p301). Objectives Management at Game Heaven is confident that it has the ability to replicate its success with the plain Sports bar concept into an e-sports bar concept. It has established several objectives: Have at least two stores operational by the end of the second year Sales of approximately 150,000 in its initial year A net profit margin of 35% Net profit margins of approximately 14% Maintain a tight control on operations, as well as costs, by hiring quality staff, while also making use of automated control Keep beverage costs under 30% Select additional locations on the basis of meeting success parameters Grow the location to a 1 to 2 million yearly business. Mission Game Heaven UK will strive to become the premier e-sports themed bar in the Birmingham area. Our goal is to stay ahead of competitors, as well as allowing clients to enjoy their leisure time the best way we can. In addition, the bar will provide more computers and more screens showing more matches than all other sports bars in the Birmingham area. Game Heaven UK provides audio control, which is state-of-the-art at all computer and plays stations, as well as in TV areas that allow the customer to enjoy their gaming and watching experience without background noise interference. Through a combination of atmosphere, quality service, ambiance, and menu selection, to create a valuable and excellent entertainment experience. Through a combination of local media, radio, local gaming internet sites, and print media, the bar expects to make gamers aware of the experience that awaits them at the bar (Rail, 2011: p304). As soon as the company has established itself in the sports bar market, we will utilize broader media. The pro-sports tie-ins and live broadcasting will be a strategy to gain free publicity for Game Heaven UK, which is expected to be more effective than contemporary advertising that the company could purchase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 2.
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