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Answer the 2 questions - Essay Example

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Tourism: Two Questions [Course Supervisor] Question 1 Critically analyze the role that marketing can play in successful long term destination development. The role of marketing in the business world is vital. Marketing is the only source which helps producers or service providers to reach out to their potential customers…
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Answer the 2 questions
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Download file to see previous pages For them Marketing is the only source through which they can reach to their potential customers. Likewise Destinations as we know have been a business for decades but since the means of transportation are way too fast and easily accessible. Going on a tour to a different country is no more a big deal. With that said, how do people know about places which are worth visiting? Again the only source is through marketing. Therefore, for marketing of this particular industry the role of DMOs is vital. DMO is the abbreviation of Destination Marketing Organization. What these Organizations do is to promote services of places which are worth visiting. Say countries, cities, towns and so on an so forth. DMOs help this industry with increasing the number of visitors. These organizations generate over billions of dollars for the tourist destinations. DMOs are known by different names such as, travel bureaux, visitors bureaux, or convention bureaux, but the main job of all of these is to market the tourist destination. ...
Natural beauty includes animals, plants, seas, rivers, caverns, landscapes, lakes, and waterfalls. Another feature a desirable tourist destination should have is artistic and architecture. It is yet another feature that is appreciated by many. This can include art museums, monuments, and galleries. Some other features that really help a tourist destination grow are, festivals and competitions, distinctive local features, ancient ruins, historical prominence, sports facilities, relaxation facilities, shopping facilities, and more importantly tourist facilities. (Hall, 2002) The characteristics of a good destination discussed above have significant value in making the brand of a company successful. People appreciate things that they can relate to. One thing that should be paid attention to is that not everything is liked by everybody. Let’s say natural beauty might be appreciated by some but some might be attracted to art musuems. So the best visiting place would that can facilitate every type of customer. therefore some of the charactristics for some might no be as appealing as some others, or vice-versa. Assessing the stages of development The visits that tourists pay to such destinations are meant to generate profit for the place being visited, basically It has become an industry itself known as tourism industry. Therefore the officials of such destinations need to have a plan and the knowledge of marketing their destination and for the further development. Basically such steps to develop and market their destination, can help boost the economy of the country, state, city and so on. In order to assess the stages of development, the study of TALC(Tourism Area Life Cycle) Butler’s lifecycle can help. Butler ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer the 2 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Answer the 2 Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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