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Discuss the key guiding principles which should underpin a successful Destination Management Strategy, using relevant examples - Essay Example

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Sustainable tourism aims at benefiting not only the organization but also the society and the country at large. A destination marketing organization is any organization that is responsible for marketing…
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Discuss the key guiding principles which should underpin a successful Destination Management Strategy, using relevant examples
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Download file to see previous pages The entrance of new competing destinations has heightened competition prompting the destination marketing organizations to change their business strategies. Since each country has unique goals and objectives for tourism, it is crucial that the marketing strategies match the gaols of the specific country. For any country to position its tourism marketing strategy, it is crucial to design a visionary plan, design strategies to promote the plan, source funds and support for the program and work out a correction plan to counter the challenges that are likely to arise during the strategy implementation process.
The challenges arising in the tourism require a different approach of destination management to stimulate growth and ensure that all stakeholders in tourism benefit from the investment plans. The first step towards efficiency destination marketing is to build a vision and a plan that involves all the stakeholders in the industry (Shirazi & Som, 2011). The vision of the destination marketing should be to use an integrative approach that embraces changes, flexibility and one that is customer focussed. The customer should be the main focus of the organization, as they are the source of profit for the organization. On this note, the objective should be to understand the customer needs, and develop strategies to satisfy them. Additionally, the vision of the project should be to involve all the stakeholders of the tourism industry in the implementation process. England is an example of the countries that have focussed on the customer needs to stimulate a tourism growth of over 5% per year (Prideaux & Cooper, 2002). By satisfying the customers, the locals, the employees and the government, it is possible to overcome the challenges that affect the tourism market. Destination marketing seeks to satisfy all the stakeholders by actively involving them in the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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