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Development History of Destination Marketing - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “Development History of Destination Marketing,” the author examines the concept of destination, which can be regarded as the agglomeration of services as well as attraction, while on the other hand the term destination can be regarded as the dynamic agglomeration of services…
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Development History of Destination Marketing
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Extract of sample "Development History of Destination Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages It is worth mentioning that the destinations need to develop innovative strategies and make their products distinct from those of their competitors by conducting research so that they can make and display the unique value. Destinations can as well expand partnership with the various public as well as private sectors at various levels of the destination management so that they can stimulate the delivery mechanism quite promptly and effectively. It can further be argued that with the advancement of technology such as web-based promotional measures, the competition becomes more pronounced by enhancing visibility, reducing the cost as well as increasing the local co-operation. Therefore, tourism marketing can be envisioned as one of the important steps in the direction of ensuring optimization of the impacts that tourism has and in the achievement of the stakeholder’s strategic objectives. It is worth mentioning that the destination marketing must be formed in connection to the western business model in order to look out for the greater interest of the destinations and the stakeholders who are directly or indirectly associated with the task of promotion and development of the destinations (Swain, n.d.) The destination marketing can be considered as being an essential part of mounting as well as increasing the popularity of the particular location. It has been apparent that several times the tourist planners pay more attention towards the development of tourism while focusing less on retaining and preserving the attributes attracting the travelers towards the destinations. Moreover, the tourist destinations are quite difficult ‘products’ to market which makes use of the huge number of stakeholders. The other thing which is worth mentioning in this regards is that the destination manager has less control over the brand image. The level of complexity, as well as diversity, has been well known by the tourism planners which make the brand development a difficult and cumbersome task for the national, local and regional tourism organizations. The destination marketing involves attention of the tourist-related organizations towards the destinations. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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