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I grew up with the realization that the profession one takes up should be a major source of satisfaction in order to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life. There were many instances that made me think seriously about the possible professions I could have in future…
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School of nursing
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I grew up with the realization that the profession one takes up should be a major source of satisfaction in order to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life. There were many instances that made me think seriously about the possible professions I could have in future. I was sure from my childhood that service mentality was ingrained in me. When I was thirteen, my grandmother fell seriously ill. She had dementia, which led to urine and bowel incontinence. Even those who were very close to her found it hard to deal with the bad odour and unexpected demands this resulted in. But I had absolutely no problem in coping with the situation. Following my natural instinct, I fed her, did her hair, cleaned her and changed her whenever necessary. For me, it was a natural process, as I had to address the need of the hour and make myself useful to keep her clean, comfortable and healthy. It was during those days that I felt strongly about pursuing a career in nursing. I could really sense the fulfillment I get after doing something for my grandmother, in order to keep her sound and safe for the rest of her life. My education is another major factor that would help me become a good nurse. My first degree is in Physics. I do also like Chemistry, which I find easy and exciting. In general, I am quite comfortable with science subjects, and I hope to turn this into my advantage. I believe there is a strong link between Physics and physiology. It could be because of this that I did really well at Physiology, Microbiology and Anatomy. All my grades for the prerequisites are excellent and indicative of brilliance in the career. I believe I would be the right candidate for the course because of these reasons. 2. I do also have sufficient volunteer and work experience that may qualify me for the course. I worked as a Patient Coordinator for Delaware Medical Group, P.C., from 2003 to 2004. I consider it as a great experience because it gave me the valuable experience of dealing directly with many patients. My duties were multifarious, among which the major ones were the following: making appointments, calling for timely transportation, talking to patients about their needs, keeping a record of information regarding patients – like the history of their illnesses, test and examination results and also the symptoms of their illnesses. I did create brochures and newsletters as marketing materials. To do this, I had to be familiar with state of the art information and technology devices, and I am proud to state that I am quite good at dealing with them. I am currently doing volunteer work at a post-surgical department at Saint Joseph Hospital. I consider this as another significant experience for me, both as an individual and also as a professional. This allows me, apart from the hands on experience I get from the work, to observe nursing career from different perspectives, with the sufficient view of an insider. The very fact that I have both valuable work experience and volunteer service in the field of nursing will bear testimony to my clear interest and dedication. I am sure that I could make the best of both the learning and work-related aspects of the course because of these reasons. There is no space for doubt in my case that I could be a sincere and diligent student who is longing to seize the first opportunity to serve as a nurse in the future. 3. For me, the essence of nursing is all about helping people. On second thought, I would say that it is about our responsibility towards others, in making them lead a respectable life even when they are sick and in need of help from others. It is our duty to help them not out of our greatness, but because they deserve it. If one could help people retain their health, it is a work that brings out a lot of happiness and contentment to this world. As stated earlier, I am quite clear about my decision to pursue a career in nursing. I have realized from my life experiences that I have the required amount of aptitude and service mentality to make a good nurse. From my early days itself, I had been looking forward to the kind of professional challenges that nursing provides. My volunteer work gave me a lot of insights to the career, among which the most significant is that it matters a lot to invest in the personal relationship one has with the patients. That is the most significant source of relief for the patient and work satisfaction for the nurse. Nothing succeeds like a sense of fulfillment in such a situation. I am the kind of person who could easily invest in the personal aspect of healthcare, since I have very good communicative and interpersonal skills, combined with a willingness to serve others. I am confident that the I will gain a lot from nursing profession, with regard to the development of my leadership qualities, and the personal empowerment every human being requires through a profession. I look forward to being a conscientious full-time student of nursing who does justice to the individual, social and ethical responsibilities the professions requires. I am sure that my personal traits are ideal for the profession and I hope to gain significant knowledge through the course, so that I could fulfill my long-time dream. 4. I am capable of working hard to achieve my long-time goals. I have proven this through the good grades I gained for the courses I have already done. I could cope very well with an intensive, full-time course and integrate myself with the demands of working in a group or as part of a community. If I am admitted for the course, I will display my persistence in any sort of work that takes me closer to my goal. Moreover, I can contribute a lot to the university and its students’ community by being an active participant in all the required course work and also extension programmes. I hope to make the most of the facilities in the university and also to give my best in return. Read More
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