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Nursing as a Noble Profession - Essay Example

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The author states that he has always found nursing as a spiritual task which has given him an opportunity to serve the suffering humanity in the most respected way. Studies and courses have helped him to become a real professional nurse who is committed to fulfilling the role with loyal and utmost dedication…
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Nursing as a Noble Profession
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Extract of sample "Nursing as a Noble Profession"

Download file to see previous pages The nursing course makes students learn basic sciences which are consisted of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology and biochemistry, pharmacology and many other but behavioral sciences are the most important ones. Each one of them has its importance to understand the whole concept of human health (Jasper, 2003). Each of those subjects has different goals to make a student understand the objectives in a specific way. For example, I learned the significance of blood tests and their relation to the physiology of the patient. I learned about various diseases and disorders in my patients through an in-depth study of pathology. During my course of studies, I have observed that sometimes nurses can unearth what a doctor fails to discover within a patient. Clinical experience further polishes a student. It enables a nurse to understand the practical and research-based approach of this profession (Neal, 2003). During my course of studies, I have learned the role and responsibilities assigned to a nurse in a typical healthcare setting. Nurses are focused to deliver quality care services to the patient. Nurses are the key persons behind formulating a care plan for the patient. My courses have enabled me to become a bridge between a patient and a doctor. My studies have helped to develop a sheer knowledge on different diseases and how a doctor responds to his patient (it also includes the treatment), knowledge on different kinds of drugs, knowledge of nursing care and how as a nurse I have to respond to my patients. My studies have also taught me how to make the decisions as a nurse, how to respond to your setting and how to prioritize and organize your responsibilities. In my opinion, nursing is an art as well as science. It is an art as it helps me as a nurse to seek different innovative ways to provide care to my patients emotionally and physically as well as it becomes science when I have to treat my patients using different medical techniques and drugs. Basic nursing techniques are the core of this course which was taught to me in the most professional manner. During the years of progressing as a professional nurse, I have witnessed that it is important for a nurse to develop therapeutic relations with the patients. For a nurse, it is highly important to maintain a close relationship with the patients based on trust and respect (McHugh, 2000). Secondly, as a professional nurse, I believe that nurses should know the art of communication and interaction with their patients. My course subject related to the study of behavioral sciences and human psychology has helped me to interact, understand and communicate effectively with my patients. It is important that nurses should focus on their interaction and communication skills when establishing therapeutic relations with the patients. According to Cutcliff (2005), nurses should emphasize establishing increased interactions with their patients which as a result, increases their confidence, independence, and competency as a professional nurse. As a result, as a professional nurse and a part of a quality healthcare system, I am more focused on developing communication and interpersonal skills with my patients and their families. I have observed that patients feel more relax and confident with those nurses who make them feel comfortable even in pain and suffering. To make a patient trust you, it is highly important that you should know the art of communication which will help you to secure the trust of your patients (Nichols, 1993). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2.
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