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The objective of this paper "Clinical Supervision Importance in Practices Nursing" is to provide a reflection of my own performance as a clinical supervisor to a peer colleague and recommend a future developmental need that I might have worked as a clinical supervisor…
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Clinical Supervision Importance in Practices Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages As nurses, we play a big role which ensures those patients are cared for and receives quality medical health care. Clinical supervision provides the possibility of bringing about change in this process. The objective of this paper is to provide a reflection of my own performance as a clinical supervisor to a peer colleague and recommend a future developmental need that I might have worked as a clinical supervisor. My reflective report will be based on John Driscoll’s model of structured reflection. I will use the model as a guide to assist me reflects upon significant events in my most recent clinical supervision. I decided to choose this model since I found it most relevant to my reflective style. The model provided me with a good guideline of potential questions, such as the what? So what? and now what? which influenced my flow of thought without having to map out the entire reflective process. In the reflective report, I will provide a descriptive account of events at my workplace, analysis of the behavior and emotional context and conclude with a feasible action plan summarizing my future developmental needs as a clinical supervisor might be met. In conformity with the NMC code of conduct, confidentiality will be maintained throughout the essay. What is clinical supervision? Research reveals that clinical supervision is an aspect that affects all practicing nurses. However, it has often been regarded as something new, since its application began in the early 1990s with the support of Nursing and Midwifery. Since then, the concept has evolved and is being adopted in all the fields of healthcare and its allied world such as psychiatry, physiotherapy, and counseling (Jones 2003, 224-228). Brunero and Stein-Parbury (2010, p.87) defines clinical supervision as the processes of professional support and learning where nurses are assisted in developing their practice through regular discussion time with knowledgeable and experienced colleagues. Fowler (1996, p.27) notes that during clinical supervision, nurses engage in reflection processes in order to be able to identify and meet their need for professional development. According to Van Ooijen 2000, p.14-16) the purpose of clinical supervision is to improve nursing practice and as such needs to be focused on nurse-patient interaction. Canham & Bennet (2008, p. 63) support this arguing that the essence of clinical supervision is the support and the development of the nurse. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I have never looked at this subject from the point of view described in the paper. I'd say interesting... Will see if I can find any other info that supports it.

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