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This paper critically evaluates the role of clinical supervision as a governance strategy designed to support safe and effective mental health care. Clinical supervision based on traditional, tested processes threatens new governance strategies and innovations…
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Clinical Supervision in Mental Care
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Download file to see previous pages Clinical supervision is intended to nurture and facilitate best practices in future, in relation to continuing professional link between a preceptee and a preceptor. According to Fuller, Perkins, Parker, Holdsworth, Kelly, Roberts, Martinez, and Fragar (2011), international interest in clinical supervision among mental health nurses has increased over the past two decades, with the focus of most researchers being corroborating the authenticity of findings. In general, mental health nurses, especially in the West were the first to adopt the practice but, with modest gains arguably stretching to the current world (Bryant, 2010). Nonetheless, clinical supervision in a mental care facility has been attributed to three main positive outcomes: firstly, there has been a greater degree of self-esteem, impetus, job satisfaction, more skills and expertise, greater personal and career development of nurses (Coldridge, 2012). Secondly, clinical supervision has witnessed better standards care, and more effective interdisciplinary communication which generally, guarantee them a safer treatment environment (Sloan, 2006). Finally, clinical supervision improves governance in a mental health facility by limiting absenteeism among nurses and turnover rates, as they are guaranteed an exciting working environment where they can apply their innovativeness in response to different mental cases they handle (Edwards et al, 2005). According to Coldridge (2012) support within organizations can be rendered through clinical supervision that integrates reflective practice, provides room for continuous training and learning as well as deliver a proper assessment various strategies for the practitioners. Moreover, clinical...
This essay “Clinical Supervision in Mental Care” explores clinical supervision strategy as an important aspect of clinical governance. Clinical supervision refers to an oversight that is provided by senior clinicians to junior members of the same occupation for purposes of improving the standard of care given to patients. The relationship between senior and junior officers is a permanent, evaluative program which is aimed at enhancing the implementation of expertise in the operations of the inexperienced members of staff. In a mental facility, clinical supervision’s main purpose is to uphold the value of the professional services by transforming psychiatric facilities into better governed safe havens that facilitate the quick recovery of clients. For better treatment outcomes, the positive change should be crafted in model of national professional bodies for care providers. A better governed facility should be one that is motivating to work in, and removes apportionment of blame and has an enlightening environment. It should support a learning culture in the sense that people base their learning upon experience; and permits coordination among people from all levels hierarchies and departments of the care facility. Clinical supervision should also be motivational to staff through rewards, and career development opportunities to improve better administration and quality of services. Clinical supervision lowers high levels of emotional burnout which are usually associated with the provision of mental health care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Clinical Supervision in Mental Care" is quite often seen among the assignments in college. Still, this example opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own sample.

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