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Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Research Paper Example

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In this paper "Clinical Mental Health Counseling", we will hypothesize a counselor who wants to work with young adults and teenagers.  At this period of time, this age bracket experiences many challenging situations thereby the need for counseling services…
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Extract of sample "Clinical Mental Health Counseling"

Download file to see previous pages Many of the mental health conditions are diagnosed when a person is either a teenager or a young adult. During this period one is undergoing many changes such as graduating from high school, choosing a college to attend to and starting romantic relationships.  These changes can be confusing and people in this age bracket can start having mental challenges. The challenges faced by this population can be said to be constant as they are almost similar across patients in this population.  It has been proven that the earlier this group receives treatment through counseling the more likely they are going to persevere. This career dates way back the 1900s, where it has made numerous strides over time. Back in the year 1907, it was suggested that tutors should also be providing lessons on problem-solving, prevention and character (Erford, 2014). This led to the beginning of canceling lessons in schools.  Many students who were teenagers at that time started benefiting from these services. Counseling services were also developed in the year 1908 through the assistance of the mental hygiene movement.  The mentality shift of society is also important in ensuring that patients receive much-needed support.  This was the case as people started believing that the mentally ill are not irrevocably sick and they need help, (Erford, 2014). During the Second World War, many young men could not join the forces as they were not mentally stable.  Due to the rampant increase of mental problems in the society, the government through a push by the public recognized the need for preventing and treating mental health disorders as soon as possible, (Erford, 2014). The national mental health act enacted in 1946 was instituted and led to the provision of funds so as to research and train towards prevention,  diagnosis, and treatment of disorders relating to mental health, (Erford, 2014). Teens and young adults were the big beneficiaries of this act as they were now able to obtain services early enough so as to stop complicated mental health disorders. In the year 1963, another act of parliament was passed, it was known as the community mental health centers act which seeks to grow counseling services.  This act sought to address the major issues that were facing the community which included drug abuse family crisis and alcoholism. Through this act of 1963 funds were provisioned to help in financing community based mental health programs thereby increasing prevention and which lead to decreased hospitalizations, (Erford, 2014).  Due to this clinical mental health counseling increased during this period (Neukrug, 2011). Hospitalizations reduced since this was not their main emphasis.  Other organizations such as outpatient clinics and crisis centers were also developed as a result of these changes.  Mental health care services became easily accessible to anyone who needed to access them. Education institutions had to increase training for counselors as community needs were increasing day by day. As time progressed there was more awareness about the need for prevention and treatment of mental health problems. The 1980s can be said to be the peak season when there was more awareness for the need of the services (Erford, 2014).  This went on till the 2000s When it became important for counselors to be licensed and accredited. This helped unify mental health counseling into a profession. Through the definition of a counselor clients were able to understand the services that they are to receive from a counselor.  Through the creation of clinical mental health counseling many populations have benefited over time. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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