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Is the identification of the problem half of its resolution - Essay Example

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Project Name: Effective Staff Development Program Key Outcome/s to be achieved: Increase the productivity of working by the nursing unit and rest of the affiliated staff in the hospital. The outcome is to be obtained through the coaching and mentorship of the nursing staff…
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Is the identification of the problem half of its resolution
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Download file to see previous pages The aim of entire project and paper is to bring about improvements in the practices and approaches of the nursing staff through use of various updated modules and tools and educational kits. Key issue/s to be addressed: Identification of improvement processes pertaining to the various ranks of nursing staff employed in the hospital. Having observed that the bulk of the population of nurses are either fresh graduates or have little or no field experience, therefore it is being felt that it is the ripe time to enhance their abilities and promote good nursing staff for the future days. Secondly having spent some time in number of medical healthcare places, the need was felt to improve the working practices of the nursing staff and bring about more affectivity and efficiency in their practices. The nurse educator should have necessary knowledge of the field along with number of years of experience in the field which will help guiding the nursing students in a proper manner. Experience in any field is vital and there is no replacement for experience, hence in the field of nursing, expert trainers and educators must be in place to accomplish the project of improvements in the nursing field (Fulton & Lyon, 2009). : The clinical coaching pertains to the in depth field associated teaching and training. It allows imparting the knowledge of technical aspects of the field and operations and patients (Gardner & Suplee, 2010). Target Population: The scheme of action is to be implemented at a clinical ward in Perth W. Australia by the Staff development nurse. The direct focus of attention will be nursing team at different levels. With so many changes and improvements at door step, there is need for implementing effective improvement based training. Starting from the very fresh and with zero experience to others with considerable experience in the field but in need of up gradation in terms of the knowledge and tools and techniques. Key stakeholders/Audience: The guidelines will focus on training the new comers, and providing the updated knowledge tips to the experienced ones and those who are working at different levels in the middle ranks with in the clinical ward. Since different kinds of cases are faced in everyday activities inside the clinical ward, the knowledge should be broad based and should keep in view the variable nature of treatments and variable nature of patients and other circumstances (Mason, Isaacs, & Colby, 2011). Use of Tools: Mentorship and coaching are used as tools for the purpose of improvement in the hospital environment. While improvement is an incremental process and takes place in different steps, there must be a measuring procedure that ensures that the transformation process holds its place and results are seen. To determine the results that are desired, proper tools and techniques in form of mentor guidance and coaching manuals serve the purpose of improvement.. Verbal and written tests can be conducted along with the presentations which will evaluate the level of knowledge gained and the level of improvements needed. On behalf of the level of improvement in the teaching team, surveys and questionnaires serve the purpose of evaluation a great deal, the students should be asked to fill the questionnaires that would focus on identifying the level of improvements post improvement processes initiation (Tan & Sheps, 1998). Role of Mentor/ Mentorship as a tool: The mentor plays a vital role in the life of fresh students who have just come to the practical field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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