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Effective staff development programme for nurses: Transforming nurses into competent practitioner - Essay Example

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Training initiatives must both support lifelong education and prepare health care workers in undertaking their diverse roles and responsibilities in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. This paper explores the changes needed for my organisation in developing an effective staff development programme…
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Effective staff development programme for nurses: Transforming nurses into competent practitioner
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Download file to see previous pages A combination of clinical expertise and a passion for teaching are two of the fundamental skills that are needed by nurse educators (March & Ambrose, 2010). Nurse educators should have research and writing skills needed to identify learning needs and develop the right educational programmes and teaching strategies for their target learners (March & Ambrose, 2010). They should also have classroom teaching skills, where they are prepared to design and assess academic and continuing education programs for nurses and clinical staff (Coe, n.d.). At the workplace, they design informal continuing education programs that aim to enhance professional competencies as part of the individual learning needs. In addition, nurse educators serve as leaders who redefine processes for improved work-flow, document the results of educational programs and assist staff, students and patients through the learning process (Coe, n.d.). Nurse teams work closely with healthcare professionals and patients to develop enhanced disease outcomes and innovative approaches for patient management, which ranges training of professionals on new treatment protocols to working with patients and health care workers to instruct, train, advice and provide clinical support (Coe, n.d.). Management of Resistance to Change Marquis and Huston (2000) contended that because change can upset the “homeostasis, or balance, within a group resistance should always be expected.” The intensity of resistance will depend on the type of change. Since this paper involves changing attitudes and practices in learning, it is possible that there will be moderate to high resistance, not because health care workers do not intend to...
The change needed in the organisation is to adapt mentoring and coaching in producing an effective staff development programme. The change management strategy consists of open communication and participation of learners and mentors. This paper discusses the unfreezing, changing, and refreezing actions for the programme. This programme aims to offer practical solutions to diverse learning needs of health care workers and to implement feasible teaching strategies. Mentorship and coaching are some of the practices that could support an effective staff development programme. It is evident that the hospital needs a competency-based approach that is appropriate to hospital policies and guidelines, as well as the ANMC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council) guidelines. Findings showed that through executive co-coaching, participants were more accomplished in learning systematically from the past, using evidence-based clinical nursing leadership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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