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& Yildirim, A., 2009. What are the career planning and development practices for nurses in hospitals? Is there a difference between public and private hospitals? Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18(24), pp. 3461-3471.
The Authors stress the importance of career planning…
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5000 word annotated knowlege database (Knowlege Work in Healthcare Practice)
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Download file to see previous pages The implications of the findings indicate that public hospitals should provide more opportunities for nursing development. It is assumed that more opportunities for career development will lead to greater knowledge. For care of the elderly, this means that nurses who receive additional education and development specifically geared for elderly care are more likely to possess a wider knowledge base in elderly care. It also suggests that nurses should carefully plan their careers and look specifically for greater opportunities for career development, particularly if there is a desire to work in a specific area of nursing, such as geriatric or elderly care.
The authors of the article explain by graphic representation, the relationship between the geriatric nursing institution environment, the patient outcome and knowledge of nurses within the unit. External influences on the institution’s environment include size, number of beds, ownership, location and payer mix. Internal influences on the environment include institutional values of the elderly and staff, resource availability and the level of staff collaboration. Education and experience of nursing staff affect resource availability. While nursing staff education and experience affect the institution’s resource availability, the internal influences of the institution in turn, affect the level of knowledge and competence of nursing staff. Internal influences also affect patient outcomes. There is no mention of how knowledge of nursing staff directly affects quality of geriatric patient care.
The purpose of the research is to investigate the level of job satisfaction and its relationship to length on the job, for nurse aides working in nursing care centers. Results show that those with greater job satisfaction are less likely to think about leaving or searching for another job. Satisfaction of nurse aides is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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