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Critiquing the Article “Psycho-social factors affecting elders maltreatment in long-term care facilities” Title The title of the article is succinctly stated as it is brief, clear, and slightly precise in construction. The article matched the criteria of Wood and Kerr (2011) stating that a research title should have three significant items such as clarity, significance, and documentation (p…
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Critiquing the Article Psycho-Social Factors Affecting Elders
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Download file to see previous pages Loiselle, McGrath, Polit, and Beck (2010) stated that a good title must reflect the key variables and the population being studied (p. 359). In this case, the article reflects psycho-social factors and maltreatment as variables under study and the elderly as the study population instead of Israeli elderly. Abstract An abstract should correctly summarize the problem, methods, design, results, conclusion, and implications of the study, must be convenient to the reader, and reflects the worthiness of the article (Taylor & Kermode, 2006, 86). Almost all of the contents of the abstract are correct and concise except for the method section. The abstract stated that a quantitative correlational method was used whereas the methodology section identified a quantitative correlational study which made the methods used conflicting. The author also thinks that the abstract of the article is too brief. Upon analysis of the article, the author noticed the following: the aim of the study is too general and stated that the study will examine and analyze ‘major variables’ affecting maltreatment of elderly when the title specifically stated that psycho-social factors will be studied; theoretical frameworks should not be included in the aim and must be included in a separate subheading; the statistical methods were not stated in the abstract; and the conclusion and recommendations did not summarize or recommends anything as it only stated that it is first study to examine elder maltreatment in the long-term care population of Israel. Introduction Statement of the Problem. In my own words, the research problem should be stated as: “What are the psycho-social factors affecting Israeli elders’ maltreatment in long-term care facilities? What are the relationships of each psycho-social factor in Israeli elders’ maltreatment in long-term care facilities? What psycho-social factor has the major impact in Israeli elders’ maltreatment in long-term care facilities?” These are the research problems which came in my mind upon reading the article as it intends to examine and analyze psycho-social factors especially major factors that affect elders’ maltreatment in long-term care facilities. In addition, I have read in the discussion that relationships were identified for each psycho-social factor so the problem could be stated in a way that would illustrate the relationship between psycho-social factors and elders’ maltreatment. According to Loiselle, McGrath, Polit, and Beck (2010), the statement of the problem must be easy to identify, has clear concepts and study population, has significance for nursing, and matches with the paradigms and methods used (p. 359). The article only implied that elderly maltreatment is common in long-term care settings and include various behaviors but did not establish a problem statement; thus, it was not easy to identify. Concepts and population under study are clear and established a cogent and persuasive argument for the new study as the full prevalence of elderly maltreatment in long-term care facilities is unknown. The problem has significance for nursing as it will address the factors on the side of the nurse that leads to maltreatment, leading to prevention. The article matched with paradigms such as the theoretical model for predicting causes of elder maltreatmen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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