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In Human Resource Management, training and development is basically the field that deals with organizational activity which is aimed at bettering the individuals and group performance in organizational settings. It has also been referred to as human resource development, and…
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Training development program
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Download file to see previous pages hat results from development through education and training usually are important in determining the long term profitability of a business or an organization which is this case is home depot. Training should not only be conducted on new employees but also on current employees to help adjust them to the rapidly changing job requirements.
A selection of the final model or design of a new product that is to be introduced in the market is a very critical step in the new product development process. The selection needs to consider three factors of importance: anticipated market demand, designer’s preferences, and uncertainty in achieving predicted design attributes levels under different usage conditions. A good purchasing model is build upon the fundamental principals of decision theory, decision --based design: Integrating consumer preferences into the design.
Home depot should emphasize on growing and developing employees because of the following reasons: training and development ensures that there is adequate pool of human resources for expansion into new programs; it improves employee morale and enhances the companys competitive position by building highly motivated, and more effective and efficient team; creates a more knowledgeable staff which are able to adopt and use advanced technology; and lastly create a large pool of readily available staffs to replace the personnel that may leave or move up the organization. The training and development process may be initiated as an intra-organization activity (on the job) based on a clear and concise schedule to effectively guide the staff under training with key areas of concern. It may also be carried out as a function referred to as out of the job training program.
Training and developing employees has the following benefits to the home depot organization: decrease in need for supervision, reduction in employee turnover rate, and increase in efficiency leading to financial gains and lastly increased ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Training Development Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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