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Relationship Between Performance Appraisal Systems And Nursing Staff Performance - Article Example

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In nursing, it is a vital component of evaluating and controlling the function of its management. When implemented appropriately, it governs the behavior of the employee, which results in greater production of goods and services of a higher quality.
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Relationship Between Performance Appraisal Systems And Nursing Staff Performance
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Download file to see previous pages This is advantageous to the hospital, and the patients as well because, nurses will be motivated to put their best foot forward, so that during the evaluation, they score highly, which might earn them a promotion. For the patients, they will get the best care a treatment, which will ensure that there is more influx of patients to the hospital, resulting to economic benefits to the hospitals. This paper will focus on the process of carrying out the appraisal performance on nurses, and how it is beneficial to them.
The key words used to search these articles were performance appraisal and nursing management. From the results, I determined whether the articles met the aims and objectives of the research, examined each one of them carefully by pulling and synthesizing the results. I also applied the qualitative results which examined the how and why questions, and the quantitative results which examined the cause and effect. Several literature reviews give their opinions on the same. There are many sources, but not all of them fit the research. The sources that I chose for this research were from their titles and abstracts of the articles, since they gave an overview of what was in the whole article. Those that were relevant were excluded, at this point. The next step was to gain access to the full texts of the chosen articles, and the same criteria of inclusion and exclusion applied again, and final number sources were left for use (Roussel & Swansburg, 2006). The Relationship between Performance Appraisal Systems and Nursing Staff Performance For over three decades, organizations have considered performance appraisal systems as key organizational processes for the management and development of personnel (Giangreco et al 2010; Levy & Williams 2004; Ferris et al 2008). The aim of performance appraisal systems is to offer a comparison between the level of performance expected by any one organization and the performance achieved by an individual or group of individuals. The basis for performance of evaluation is that it helps to improve performance by providing concise feedback on how the individual or department is doing in the place of work. The popularity of the use of appraisal systems is, however, surrounded by a forceful debate on their productivity and the related costs and benefits. It is widely believed that performance appraisals are prone to bias, that they do not demonstrate high levels of accuracy, and that they are not readily accepted by users (Coates, 2004). The argument against the use of performance appraisal systems is based on tension in the organizational climate, as well as resistance and opposition amongst employees who may find the use of performance appraisal systems derogatory or pejorative (Wright 2004). In some cases, a negative performance appraisal may even lead to a reduction in productivity (Banka & Roberson, 2002). Western business environments are different from those in the East and globalization has provided access to various business environments, which necessitates optimal expertise. Applying a performance appraisal system to a healthcare organization in which many of the employees may be unfamiliar with certain systems may again ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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