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Nursing and Health Care within the Community - Essay Example

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The research will give detailed information about assessment of care and planning using Orem’s model. Then the current research will continue with the multidisciplinary team and overall evaluation of the implemented self care deficit theory…
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Nursing and Health Care within the Community
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the effectiveness and success of nursing and healthcare provision within the community is largely dependent on proper holistic assessment based on an appropriate conceptual theoretical framework. Holistic assessment enables a nurse to plan the necessary patient-centred, consultative and evidence-based intervention while also taking into consideration the matter of client/carer and self-care extent to ensure that the client receives the best care possible while away from the hospital. The client selected in the family case study provided is Michaela and a justification for utilisation of Orem’s model of assessment for Michaela will be provided. Planned intervention integrating referrals to multi-disciplinary teams and the patient’s own values will be developed based on the best evidence followed by evaluation of the planned care for Michaela. Orem’s model was selected for the case of Michaela based on several considerations that make it the best conceptual framework to utilise in this case. Orem’s model is founded on the view that nursing is necessary just in the time when the patient’s care needs are beyond self capacity or ability hence the nurse intervenes by evaluating the patient’s ability and then educating, providing guidance while at the same time delivering care whose completeness is relative to the patient’s own ability. Central to Orem’s model is the concept of self-care which is especially being encouraged by the UK health policy as an effective means of improving the health. (Department of Health 2005, p. 48). It has been observed that Orem’s model is exclusively the main self care framework that can be incorporated effectively in assessment of patients (Basavanthappa 2007, p. 24-25; Macduff and Sinclair 2008, p. 32; Sitzman 2011, p. 339). Wilson (2003, p. 68) recognises the crucial role that nurses bear in education of clients and their carers where present and attach importance to Orem’s model in ensuring that this is achieved. They also note that nurses are charged with the duty of providing information that influences the patients’ decisions and participation in self care both of which are achievable through Orem’s self care deficit theory of nursing. Orem’s model is thus quite applicable for Michaela as a means of establishing the extent to which she can take care of her health and then developing a care plan to intervene on her deficiencies alongside an evaluation of the entire process and its impact on her health. This model is also advantageous as it is based on self care which particularly applies to the patient’s situation as we can discern that she cannot access a proper carer as her husband is also sick and unable to work while the daughter is currently in school and has her own problems with regard to decisions on reproductive health. The objectives of applying Orem’s model in Michaela’s situation includes assessment of her health conditions according to the items in the model, identification of her needs and lastly demonstration of effective communication with her in order to provide patient focused care and intervention (Nursing Theories 2011). The first self care item on Orem’s model is the maintenance of sufficient intake of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Nursing and Health Care within the Community" is quite popular among the tasks in university. Still, this text opens a new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own paper.

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