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Most Americans did not originate from the territory that made America, but it encompasses a collection of different people who primarily came from diverse European countries or states. This has made most of the states to have persons with different originality, traditions and…
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Community /Public Health Nursing
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"Community /Public Health Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, this type of community includes people who have come to work within the community (Bassin, 2003).
Phenomenological community is a type of community that exist because all its members have a common interest in a particular subject, experience of an event or having a feeling of belonging. In this type of community, the boundaries are not well defined. Therefore, members choose on what is meaningful for them to follow. This type of community setting involves people who have a common goal, values, and beliefs, example includes the social groups as well as religious groups (Lyndon et al., 2013) .
A nurse may have some challenges while providing health care to different communities, in that the nurse shall be faced in handling diverse cultures. Culture is the pillar of seeking health care because every community has their traditions, beliefs and taboos. The nurse may find it hard to provide health care to some communities that do not believe in the care provided. Language barrier may impede communication between the nurse and different communities thus limit full utilization of health messages. The benefit is that the nurse shall be able to learn different challenges facing different communities thus plan health care provision focusing the problem each community has. This makes the nurse have a broad knowledge in dealing with community members (Jackson & Daly, 2004).
The challenge that a nurse shall face in providing care to similar community or same community is that, the nurse shall have narrow exposure to handling other communities. Additionally a nurse shall forget and become less competent in managing diseases or conditions that are less frequent in that community. This may limit the nurse knowledge on other community’s health care needs. The benefit that the nurse shall have is that dissemination of services shall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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