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Nursing Community Project Hypertension impact on the Miami dade County Commiunity - Essay Example

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Nursing Community Project Hypertension Impact on the Miami Dade County Community 1. Identification of the Problem Hypertension is considered to be a grave psychological disease that results into abnormal increase in the blood pressure level. This problem is mainly identified when people are tending to be excessively affected by psychological burden or grief…
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Nursing Community Project Hypertension impact on the Miami dade County Commiunity
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Demographic Characteristics of the Selected Miami Dade County Community Miami Dade County has been selected as the setting for analyzing the impact of hypertension upon the community. Miami Dade is located in the state of Florida in the United States. The total population of this county constitutes to approximately 2,253,362. According to a recent survey conducted, it was observed that the number as well as the rate of deaths caused by hypertension is the significant cause of fall in the demographic figure of Miami Dade County. In the year 2006, it was stated that high blood pressure is determined to be the primary cause for death of around 319,000 Americans. Additionally, the rate of death due to hypertension has tremendously increased in the recent years. Furthermore, it has been observed that within the increased rate of around 58.7% suffers of hypertension, there includes a majority of females within Miami Dade (Health Council of South Florida Inc, 2010). On the basis of further analysis, it has been detected that ‘Prehypertension’ as well as ‘high blood pressure’ within adolescents have taken an accelerated leap in the recent years within Miami Dade County. ...
Miami represents the one of the major cosmopolitan areas within the United States. This particular county nearly constitutes 38 ‘Census-designated’ places and 16 unincorporated regions. The county’s total physical area entails around 6,297 km2. It has been observed that immigrants of Miami Dade County were drastically affected by hypertension in the year 2006 and it continues to accelerate with the passing of years (Health Council of South Florida Inc, 2010). 4. Statistics According to the observation of Miami-Dade County Community Health Report Card, the increased admissions within hospitals caused by hypertension was the worst performance indicator in the year 2007.The pictorial diagram represented below depicts that with proper diagnosis as well as treatment of Hypertension in Miami Dade County, the disease can be prevented to a greater extent which stands to be in total around 34.1 percent (The Healthy Communities Institute, 2013). Source: (The Healthy Communities Institute, 2013) Source: (The Healthy Communities Institute, 2013) According to the assessment made, the aforesaid diagram depicts that hypertension can affect both the genders to a considerable level that is around 34.1 percent on an average (The Healthy Communities Institute, 2013). According to the analysis of ‘The Healthy People 2020’ national health target is aimed at reducing the level of high blood pressure among the age group of 18 years and above to at least 26.9 percent (The Healthy Communities Institute, 2013). 5. Nursing Diagnosis NANDA diagnosis has laid down certain diagnosis interpretation of hypertension which has been briefly explained below: Risk for Reduced Cardiac Output There are various risks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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