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Diabetes Mellitus type 2 in Miami Dade County - Term Paper Example

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Community Nursing Project: The Issue of Type 2 Diabetes in Miami-Dade County Your Name Due Date Identification of the problem Type 2 Diabetes epidemic in Miami-Dade County County Miami-Dade County, Florida USA Demographic characteristics of the place Miami-Dade County Population, as of 2012, estimated, 2, 591,035 The population of Miami-Dade County is diverse…
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Diabetes Mellitus type 2 in Miami Dade County
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Download file to see previous pages Geographic Boundaries Miami-Dade County is a county located in the southeastern part of the state of Florida. It is the most populous county in Florida and they rank seventh-most in population within the United States. It is Florida's third largest county in terms of overall land area, with approximately, 1,946 square miles. The county is home to 35 incorporated cities, as well as, a number of unincorporated areas. The northern, central and eastern portions of the county are heavily urbanized with many high rises along the coastline. Southern Miami-Dade County includes the Redland and Homestead areas and the Agricultural Redland makes up roughly one third of Miami-Dade County's inhabited land area. It is said to be sparsely populated, in comparison with the heavily populated urban, northern Miami-Dade County (The United States Census Bureau, 2013). Statistics . Miami-Dade County Florida is a heavily diverse population, like many states in the United States, primarily made up of Caucasians, Hispanics, primarily people of Cuban decent, and Non-Hispanic Black individuals, many of which are of Haitian decent (Rosen, 2007). In Miami-Dade County, approximately, 181,000 people are living with diabetes (American Diabetes Association, 2013). Most unsettling is the majority of death from diabetes or diseases and conditions contracted, such as contributory obesity, hypertension, and heart disease, is highest in Miami-Date County as of 2010 (Edwell, Danielson, Smide & Ohrn, 2010). Non-Hispanic blacks and non-Hispanic Caucasians are the most affected. For black Americans the mortality rates due to diabetes or diabetes related conditions are double that of their white counterparts (The Health Council of South Florida, 2008). Miami-Dade County, also, has a large over-60 retiree population, who are also being adversely affected by the prevalence of diabetes. Nursing Diagnosis It is readily obvious that the diabetic epidemic is a serious health concern worthy of further investigation and study Planning Nursing Interventions It is readily obvious that the diabetic epidemic is a serious health concern worthy of further investigation and study. There is a mass need for greater focus on education, both, for healthcare professionals and for the patients who are diagnosed with a type 2 diagnosis treatment. The dangers of the disease and the serious diseases that diabetes opens the doors for, can and will, alter, damage, or end your life. More importantly is necessity of spreading the message that, under many circumstances, entirely preventable. If this message and greater support were more available then perhaps a dramatic and tangible reduction in the diagnoses of type 2 diabetes will be possible. Short term Goals Short term goals would likely include practical and more available of resources for patients. To establish plans for future endeavors that will help to affect the statistics. Also, perform research on what sorts of educational and healthcare interventions that may be the most beneficial to implement. For example support groups for patients vs. some sort of counseling to motivate individuals. Long term Goals In the long term it will really be a matter of determining what our research will show. Ideally, the long term would see the realization of more ethnically diverse, economically ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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