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2 different assignments - comparing research methods - Essay Example

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Research provides the theoretical structure for understanding information reported by individual practitioners, and it tests assumptions and observations, and cerates new knowledge. There is variety of research approaches, and research articles are written to contribute to the…
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2 different assignments - comparing research methods
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Download file to see previous pages A scholarly article offers the full report, often including charts, graphs, methodology etc., contains valuable reference lists, and describes the research process and methods used, so readers can judge for themselves whether they think the information provided seems relevant and reliable. Because there are various types of research covering diverse subjects, analyzing and critiquing scholarly articles are really challenging. However, an attempt has been made to analyze the style, method of research, and structure of research article, encompassing entirely different subjects, through comparing article by Malinauskas et al (2007) and Rogar (2005).
Malinauskas and colleagues conducted a survey of energy drink consumption patterns among college students to ascertain prevalence and frequency of energy drink use for six situations. They hypothesize that although energy drinks are targeted to young consumers, and its popularity is increasing since the 1997 debut of energy drink ‘Red Bull’, there has been little research regarding energy drink consumption patterns among college students in the United States. Advertisements proclaim that “energy drinks are designed to give the consumer a “jolt” of energy provided by the combination of stimulants and “energy boosters” that they provide, including caffeine, herbal extracts such as guarana, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba, B vitamins, amino acids such as taurine, amino acid derivatives such as carnitine, and sugar derivatives including glucuronalactone and ribose” (Malinauskas et al, 2007, p.3). Studies had shown that energy drinks had energizing effects among 18 to 55 year old participants, and caffeine was found to be the primary constituent responsible for these effects. Although caffeine in energy drinks provide the consumer the desirable effects of improved cognitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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