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A healthy nation has the potential to meet and achieve its economic development goals as spelt out in its micro and macroeconomic policies. In this case,…
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Download file to see previous pages These and many other distinguishing attributes of community health nursing have evolved in the framework of philosophical and historical contexts on the preventive health care, health as well as professionalization of the nursing industry (Allender & Rector, 2010). More specifically, these roles involve many partnerships and collaboration within populations and communities in order to address the social and health conditions as well as any arising challenges.
It is important to realize that community health nursing has developed in the recent past as a special nursing specialty in the time when much expansion in scientific knowledge has been taking place. Additionally, the field has developed because of the public objectives aimed at improving the standards and quality of life in urban environments, giving rise to various aspects of preventive health care that is population oriented. For a long time, public nurses had been viewed as playing a significant role towards achievements in improvements of the social and health conditions of most of the vulnerable populations. This paper examines the aspect of community health nursing in Alameda city of Alameda, focusing on how it has been used in improving the health standards of the inhabitants in the region.
In Alameda, community health nursing has been responsible for the improved health and social conditions according to research findings. In this community just like in other places, community health nursing has been applied in various setting, not being limited to centres in charge of community nursing , health agencies in homes, housing developments, neighboring centres among many others.
In Alameda, the most vulnerable and high-risk populations, in most cases become the centre of focus when it comes to caring and includes the elderly persons that are frail, homeless ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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