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In this paper “Colon Cleansing: A consumer health issue” the author analyzes how much, and up to what extent, colon cleansing is misunderstood by consumers as well as some medical practitioners. He also seeks to inquire for the co-sequences resulted out of myths about colon cleansing. …
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Colon Cleansing: A consumer health issue
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Download file to see previous pages In most of the modern practitioners and private hospitals colon cleansing is often recommended to patients complaining over numerous issues arrived out of minor body toxicities or wrong food habits. However, other than medical practitioners, colon cleansing is nowadays making its place among T.V. and Online shops as well as some unauthorized websites over Internet. Most of those shops and Websites try to enforce people to be aware for how much regular colon cleansing is important for them. They argue with strong but unauthentic and fathomless arguments that normally colon is subjected to intoxication out of long term bad food habits and no allowance for regular cleansing. It may cause some considerable amount of fecal matter stuck in colon causing numerous biological dysfunctions able to cause certain diseases including colon-cancer. Moreover, such arguments and offers are widespread all around internet. They offer an appeal to people to opt for colon cleansing through their products.
Obviously the question arises: if colon is such a sensitive organ and colon cleansing holds so much importance then how can any company deliver the products on doorsteps leaving all further care wholly to the consumer, instead of suggesting to go to a serious medical practitioner who could provide instructions and care? Factually, colon cleansing boom is a daughter of marketing which holds no serious ground in medical criterion. On the other hand, it may be harmful over some serious patterns. For example, see how Tennen (2007) presents a review of those claims over Internet and T.V.
: Holistic practitioners believe the colon is a sewage system and if it's not kept clean, waste products won't be cleared out and toxic substances will be absorbed into the body. They believe that the typical person may have as many as several pounds of fecal matter in their colon, which causes mucus to build up and harden on colon walls. Science says this is not true. Your colon knows how to do its job, constantly shedding old cells, absorbing nutrients and keeping a delicate balance of bacteria and natural chemicals. Interfering with this process can hurt or destroy these relationships, meaning the colon won't work as well as it should. Colon cleansing is unnecessary, and medical doctors do not advise you to do this. Quite opposite to these scientific facts Internet and TV agencies boast colon cleansing as a routine process essential for keeping up good health. It is popularized by the marketing agencies who are interested less in consumer health and more in financial profits. There are serious concerns about colon-cleansing which lead to some devastating aftereffects. Let’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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