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Consumer Behavior of Panasonic Company - Research Paper Example

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This research paper, Consumer Behavior of Panasonic Company, highlights that Panasonic Company is a Japanese company that constitutes a larger part of Matsushita Group tracing its roots all the way from 1918 and started by Konosuke Matsushita…
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Consumer Behavior of Panasonic Company
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Download file to see previous pages According to the company, the global market for the product is on a growth as the product’s features continue to win market acceptance. For instance, this product is seen to, “provide a compact, reliable, and easy-to-use medium to store high volumes of visual, audio and other data for digital music players and cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), video cameras, cellular phones, and other digital consumer electronics products”.
According to the report ‘Worldwide Flash Card Market History and Forecast Trends, 2001-2007’ prepared by Joseph Unsworth in 2003, the author predicted that SD memory cards would become dominant in markets of many countries. Global market reports indicate that dominance and acceptance of SD memory card were gaining momentum and becoming the leading flash card market. According to the author, the acceptance of the product was on rising due to the product’s abilities in terms of size, performance, and security. By the year 2007, a Global market for SD memory cards was estimated to be around 56.6 %. The United Kingdom market is one in which SD memory card is gaining wide acceptance but full acceptance is yet to be realized as products from other companies continue to be favored by most Britons. Their understanding of consumer behavior within the UK market is necessary for SD memory card to receive wide acceptance.
Consumers demonstrate their varied preferences for products and this is seen to be constituted by perception. Consumers may prefer to buy from a particular supermarket, to buy a particular brand, or just show preferences for shopping in particular areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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