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The Power of Thinking or Feelings in Crest and Vaseline Advertisements - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the persuasiveness of the rhetorical appeals of two advertisements from this magazine, one from Vaseline and another from Crest. Both advertisements effectively use the right words, colors, font, and symbols to convey their intended messages to their audiences…
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The Power of Thinking or Feelings in Crest and Vaseline Advertisements
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Extract of sample "The Power of Thinking or Feelings in Crest and Vaseline Advertisements"

Download file to see previous pages Vaseline persuasively uses pathos because of its emphasis on the word “feel,” so that the audience can “feel” its sincerity regarding the benefits of its product, and then it expounds on the scientific backup of these benefits to fully convince the audience that it is the best lotion in the market. The main positioning statement of the ad is “feels good, does well.” The statement is simple, but its meanings are varied. Vaseline uses the words “feel” and “good” to underline emotions. It is stating that its lotion feels good on the skin while providing emotional benefits too. Instead of just stressing its ingredients, it centers on the resulting “feelings,” which is related to “goodness.” Another impact of the feelings of goodness is having a good day. When people feel good, they tend to do well in school, work, and home. Feeling good starts the day with happiness and improves quality of life. After the short introduction on what the product makes consumers feel, a longer explanation is below it, where scientific words are added. The long paragraph stresses that the product is the “next generation” of Vaseline lotion, which suggests that it is current and not an “old” formula. The words “pure” and “natural” make Vaseline a “natural” product, even when it has chemicals too. The main goal is to relate Vaseline with the goodness of “Nature,” but one that is scientifically tested and perfected. The words “new formula” and “infuse moisture deep down” accentuate that the product is the latest tested formula that goes beyond other usual lotions. The “rich feel and glowing skin” is a suitable end, since many consumers want their skin feeling smooth and looking young and fresh. To reinforce its sincerity further, another strategy of Vaseline is its “Money Back Guarantee.” The ad has a blue stamp, a stamp that symbolizes something assured and permanent. It contains the words “Vaseline Promise.” The word promise is like a friend making a promise to another friend. If customers will not feel the difference after using the product, Vaseline challenges them to return the lotion to it. This way, customers feel secure in using the product. Again, positive feelings take center stage. The ad starts with good vibes, the vibes of feeling and looking good. Then, it follows up the good vibes with a promise of “money back,” if these “feelings” are not attained. Vaseline effectively uses matching words and promises to convey a strong message of skin luxuriousness to its audiences. The font and white background highlight that Vaseline has nothing to hide. The font of “feels good, do good” is sans serif, which makes it informal and playful. It does not even start with a capital letter and does not end with a period. The way it is written looks hip and young. In other words, it exudes with innocence. The white background suggests purity too.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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