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Commercial advertising is characterized by the conveyance of information regarding a certain product with the intention of promoting the sales of these products. Advertising for commercial purposes requires branding of products, which is an essential aspect in this practice…
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Commercial Advertisements Content Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Commercial advertising is characterized by the conveyance of information regarding a certain product with the intention of promoting the sales of these products. Advertising for commercial purposes requires branding of products, which is an essential aspect in this practice. Branding helps distinguish products from others of its kind in the market. Advertising takes two forms in which there is print and electronic advertising. Print advertisements are static while electronic advertisements are dynamic in that they can take various forms. Electronic advertisements form a story or event that is depicted in a short time frame through which the intended message is conveyed to its target audience. The core aim of an advertisement is to highlight values associated with a brand and portray the utility of a brand. The advertisements used for this paper portray different values that the advertisers deem influential in people’s lives, and are bound to have an effect on people’s choices and preference for the advertised product. The use of gender, race and sex as aspects in an advertisement has been applied in various contexts in the highlighted advertisements to garner differing impacts and perceptions on their audience. This paper seeks to analyze and discuss the representations of social class, ethnicity, gender, age, race, sexual orientation and youth in chosen commercial advertisements. The sociological aspects and impacts of the highlighted advertisements will be key focus of this paper in the immediate target audience and society in general. The Cheerios TV commercial portrays a mixed race family in which the father is an African America and the mother is a Caucasian female who have a bi-racial daughter. The daughter discovers that Cheerios made from oats have beneficial heart properties. The house is portrayed having warm inviting, accommodative beige, light browns, and cool blues and colors that set the mood for a happy and loving family. The house seems spacious with the kitchen where the advertisement starts being set apart from the living room where the father is shown taking a nap of long, maroon and comfortable sofa. The little girl is wearing a purple top an indication of loyalty or divinity that portrays her noble and pure intentions of using cheerios to improve her father’s health. The little girl’s innocence is illustrated when the napping father wakes up to find Cheerios poured in his left side of the chest where the heart is located. AXE is a male grooming products brand that markets deodorants meant for the modern metropolitan male to increase his sex appeal and sense of style. AXE deals with a very competitive cutthroat retail market necessitating the use of innovative and sometimes controversial advertisements to gain the much needed attention in the market. The advertisement seems to take place in a suburban location as depicted by rows of houses across from each other. The girl is in a blue tank top and red swimming costume like panties, and she throws the grey heavy steel ball through a window in which topless young man is applying an AXE deodorant. The axe commercial shows a very fit Caucasian female dressed in a sports bra and short underwear showing offer her manly skills. She does this by throwing a heavy steel ball over a long distance shattering the glass of a window through which a topless Caucasian male sprays cologne to the shock of the incident (Groza, Nicoleta, and Cuesta 70). The male is shown shocked at the female’s manly strength, and she later takes him down, stripping his pants off to close the commercial. The Active orange juice commercial portrays a young, white, fit and blonde female model that attracts tons of males who chase her across the city, which shows sexual arousal. The chase takes place through a city bazaar where men in suits and various work attire leave their jobs to join the chase for the beautiful woman. To close the commer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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