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Article the False Memory Syndrome Foundation - Research Paper Example

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The non-profitable organization was established in 1992 by the parents of Jennifer Freyd, Pamela and Peter Freyd after she accused Peter of sexual abuse. False memory syndrome is a psychological condition whereby an individual remembers events especially traumatic incidences…
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Research article the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
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Download file to see previous pages Cases of parents being accused by their children for traumatic incidence that purportedly happened years back were on the rise. The foundation would not only seek to understand the reasons for the rise of False Memory Syndrome, which was causing a lot of agony to families but also help prevent the condition. Moreover, the foundation provided a platform where affected families would support each other cope with the terrible agony of the loss of their offspring and the distress of being falsely accused of sexual abuse.
The false memory syndrome has caused a lot of harm to both the children, parents and society as a whole. The condition has forced children to abandon their parent resulting to pain to parents from losing their loved ones. Accusations that go public causes trauma and creates stigma that would never go away even after the accusation are concluded to be false. The syndrome has forced affected families to seek counseling (False Memory Syndrome Foundation, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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