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Develop informal communication networks and roles in the workplace - Essay Example

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Communication involves transmitting information and ideas from one person to another. In addition, it involves transmitting emotions and knowledge and data. Tone of the voice, facial…
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Develop informal communication networks and roles in the workplace
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"Develop informal communication networks and roles in the workplace"

Download file to see previous pages Informal communication is a workplace transmission of messages not official. Formal networks involve establishments formed to enable communication. A workplace system represents how communication flows in the institution. An informal network includes sharing of unofficial information through the workplace and social media (Drafke, 2009). Formal network communication entails communicating with other employees through official networks. Formal network in the organization reflects and shows the hierarchy of the management.
In the case scenario of Osaga Chemical Company, grapevine would represent a crucial part in the informal communication network in a workplace. Grapevine is a network that is unpredictable in its operations because employees control it (Fevre, Lewis, Robinson & Jones, 2012). Grapevine Network is an informal network that employees use to communicate with each other. Management of an organization may use grapevine gain relevant information that will enable the organization reaches their target. As the individual in charge of implementing grapevine informal communication, there would be a proper communication channel.
Grapevine is an effective way of communication because it helps an organization manage their employees efficiently (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). The system is useful in that the workers try to comprehend themselves. The managements of various organizations do not have consent of grapevines, and it makes it useful to get information. Grapevine is a network that is appropriate for the employees as a group. Employees get to connect and share their feelings without fear of judgments (Guffey & Loewy, 2010).
Playing the role of a boundary spanner in a grapevine involves representing employees in the public. Boundary spanners develop external relationship with the employees of other companies to reach their set objectives (Walker, 2012). On the group, I play the role of a boundary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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