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Unity and diversity in Contemporary America.(The Module) - Essay Example

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President Barrack Obama has greatly proven capable of upholding high quality leadership through exhibiting an enviable character of pragmatic progressiveness. When people are empowered to decide and take control of issues affecting. So much has changed and the world is marveled…
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Unity and diversity in Contemporary America.(The Module)
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Download file to see previous pages In this piece of writing, we are going to discuss and justify in depth the pragmatic Obama.
President Obama’s foreign policies and decision making undergoes intensive planning and careful evaluation, only two years in his presidency Obama achieved success in four out of five countries he had earlier on engaged in national security issues. In events that seem out of control and beyond his capacity president Obama does not make snarl decisions based on certain ideologies but he resorts to analyzing how the events stretch out.. Not more than two years of his presidency, Obama has faced many foreign policy situations than any of his precursors. His leadership has been put to test in all perspectives availing a ground upon which criticism from his opponents and evaluation from his supporters use to rate him in matters to do with foreign policy (Obiwuru et al. 2011).
Way back during his presidential campaigns, Obama set forth several strategies and principles that would be the path to his foreign policies. This includes the five denotative national security policy issues that he made the priority; to put an end to war in Iraq, to reduce nuclear weapons in the world, fight the terrorist groups that are Al Qaeda and Taliban, energy safety and reconstructing the confederations and working other countries in tackling today’s challenges. War in Iraq had been an issue that affected the overall world peace, this being one of the priorities president Obama managed to decimate this war with little criticism and minimal international concern (Lowenthal 2010). President Obama began by withdrawing 10000 soldiers from Iraq and launching operation new dawn that replaced the operation Iraqi freedom in 2010. The American soldiers were given new missions of advising, training, and helping the Iraqi security forces in bringing order and peace. Even though plan to withdraw the US soldiers was prior to president Obama’s election he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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